Poem Anthology

By: Mckensie Shaft


Mckensie Shaft was born in San Diego, California. She grew up with a military family that moved around a lot. Mckensie loved everything about her family, especially her grandparents. She doesn't really care what other people think of her and has strong opinions. She is full of love and happiness. Even on her darkest days she is still loving.

Where I'm From

I am from avocados, from banana boat and Ray Bans.

I am from the spotless living room (alive with light and fresh aroma).

I am from the palm tree, the strawberries whose taste makes you pucker.

I am from family dinners and DIY, from Kyle and Brian and Max.

I am from the correctors and the concerned.

From Be Respectful! And Mind your P’s & Q’s!

I am from I can do all things through him who strengthens me, led by the Son of God, and Sunday mornings.

I'm from San Diego and Poland, spaghetti and sweet pastry.

From the brave soul left by my grandfather on the Korean grounds, and the guns shooting at my parents as they landed in Albania.

I am from the suitcase that lies deep in the attic, the display of military honors. I am from the lasting memories of family vacations and the continuing road ahead.

Narrative Poem


He woke up to the strong smell of coffee,

To the gloomy winter morning.

He had no idea what the day would bring.

The air was crisp and cold, hard to stay warm.

His wife in the kitchen cooking up a feast.

All the food that is ready, staring him, in his eyes.

Family flowing fondly throughout the house.

His wife calling “The newborn is here!”

He now had another grandbaby.

The day goes on, family starting to leave.

The house grows as quiet as a mouse.

Night is right around the corner.

Bed was the only thing he could think about,

But so was T.V.

He and his lovely ole’ wife sat in silence,

Then the tired old man got up.

He got up to go to the bathroom.

A big CRASH! Overpowered the house.

He lied there soundless,

No heartbeat.

No more life.

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Ode to My Phone

My Magical Phone

Phones can’t compare to anything.

A phone is a drug, Very addicting.

My phone is my best friend,

The item that completes me.

Silver like a medal,

Silver like a quarter.

My phone holds the world behind a little screen.

It’s my get away.

I couldn’t bear to lose it.

It isn’t an option to give it up.

Like a big boy giving up chocolate,

Or like a soccer player giving up the ball.

Parents may not see the significance of it,

But a phone is heaven,

Heaven made of apps.

My phone is a magical and sacred thing.

It glows in the dark as a lay in bed.

BANG! I hear when it hits the ground.

No cracks visible,

Thankfully my phone is strong.

Oh how I love my phone.

Allusion Poem

I am a Butterfly

I am a butterfly,

Small and fragile.

With wings to escape from conflict.

Under the wings a colorful world.

I fly above the present looking to the future.

A life that could end with one touch.

A life that could live on forever.

A butterfly who has endless thoughts,

Thoughts about being a pest.

Thoughts about not fitting in.

I fly above all who dislike me.

I spend years fluttering around with my true friends.

I am a special butterfly,

Different from all the rest.

A butterfly that embraces change,

And let’s go of the past.

Every day I fly and discover new things.

I journey through a beautiful world,

But not as beautiful as my wings.

I am a butterfly.



Shall love be a romantic element?

Though it may be a tiring heartbreak.

When the spark is no longer ignited,

And love drifts away like dandelions.

Cows looking franticly for their mothers,

As their deep fears send a chill down their spine.

Love that grows farther and father apart,

Like the miles between the Grand Canyon

Heartbreak is a never ending rain storm,

Where lightning strikes the pieced together heart.

But the journey is not even finished,

There is more to come and more to suffer

It’s a pain that will never go away

It’s a pain that tells a lifelong story.


I am a Butterfly is my strongest poem. It shows how I really am in the world. I intended to show the reader how I think and what I am actually like. I use a lot of figurative language to describe myself like a butterfly. This poem was a very difficult thing to write because it was all metaphorically based. It was challenging to think of things you compare yourself too. I don't really compare myself to things but butterflies really seemed like me. They're bright and do whatever they please. The other poem that I really had a lot of fun writing was the ode to my phone. It was easy for me to write because I really cherish it. I used many simile's. Those two poems were my best ones.