A drama is a story acted out on a stage for a live audience. The earliest plays were told to be written in the fifth century BC. They were produced for festivals to honor Dionysus the god of wine and fertility.


Just like a story the characters face conflicts.

Conflicts may develop between people who want the same or different things. A tragedy play ends unhappily. The protagonist is a tragic hero they have a tragic flaw leading them to a tragic end. A comedy play is one that ends happily. The plot is usually based on a love or romance conflict. The main character in a comedy could be anyone. They usually end in weddings. A modern play could be a comedy or a tragedy or a mixture of both. Usually based on personal or original people.


Before you have a play you have to find some actors, a director, a light or mechanical person. Now if you have a original stage you will have your audience all in front of you. A round stage is when people are seated all around you. This is how you can create a drama.