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When to Sell Diamond Ring for Fast Cash

diamonds or a missing piece to become unsightly. A bad memory of a past love would be another reason to sell a diamond ring in one’s possession. Regardless of the reason to sell diamond rings by any consumer, it is wise to check out the market for the best selling price and procedure to go about selling any diamond jewellery to ensure an enjoyable and smooth transaction.

Fast cash

Many people may have a need for fast cash when the economy is less than stable; jobs may be hard to find and the cost of living does not help in making ends meet with many mouths to feed and multiple financial commitments.

Another common reason to sell diamond ring jewellery is to secure fast cash easily. Consumers who require a bit of fast cash may not want to get a loan which may take a long time or that the amount is too small for a loan to be approved. It may be too embarrassing to seek out financial help from another person; hence, selling off some pieces of unused diamond jewellery is very plausible.

There is a plethora of ways to sell diamond rings to secure fast cash. The simplest is to place an advertisement in the mass media today and wait for the highest bidder to call up. Anonymity can be exercised to avoid any embarrassment to earn the extra cash quickly. Many consumers are using online approaches where personal blogs or public auction sites can be considered to sell diamond rings for some quick cash.

Professional buyers

The market has a plethora of buyers on diamond jewellery. Local jewelers make up the bulk of diamond ring buyers who buy mostly from ordinary consumers as the former can enjoy higher benefits while the latter enjoys better cash rates.

A local jeweler buyer is able to place fast cash in the hands of consumers with diamond rings for sale. There is less haggling over the price with fast cash over the counter without questions asked. The transaction is fast and both parties are satisfied.

However, there are many professional diamond buyers in the market who are sourcing for great diamond pieces which can be extracted from diamond rings. These large and established jewellery dealers buy loose stones in all sizes to be redesigned for re-sale.

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Online Process to Sell Diamond Jewellery

The advanced technology today allows many parties to sell diamonds easily and quickly for fast cash without much effort or embarrassment. There may be a plethora of reasons to sell diamond jewellery by all parties. The Internet provides an excellent platform to sell any type of diamond jewellery for some fast cash with the right security and safety measures exercised.

Online sales

One of the categories of consumers that are manipulating the Internet extensively to sell diamond jewellery is the jewellery stores. These jewellery companies set up their business website which displays the whole range of diamond jewellery online to entice web consumers for a quick buy with appropriate e-commerce facilities.

Potential buyers from anywhere around the world are able to visit the jewellery stores’ websites to enjoy browsing on the plethora of diamond jewellery available. An online order can be executed with the easy navigation of screen selections to have the desired diamond delivered in a matter of days.

On the other hand, ordinary consumers can also sell diamonds through the web by approaching diamond retailers or suppliers. They can make enquiries on selling off their diamond pieces to any jeweler online that is willing to buy the diamonds for an agreed price.

Once the price is agreed upon by both buyer and seller, the buyer would pay cash or deposit the price amount into the seller’s account minus the administrative or tax charges depending on the state laws and requirements.

Online contacts

Selling diamonds online today is made easy with the advanced technology features of communication and authorization where both parties can check and compare the identity and status before confirming on a sales transaction on diamonds.

An online jewellery store would have sufficient online contacts to allow potential diamond sellers or buyers to make diamond transactions easily. Such stores have emails, faxes and phone numbers to contact the company for enquiries, free quotations or confirmed sales and purchases on any diamond transaction.

Even if the physical store is not open for business, the online site is always available for consumers to check out further information on diamonds and related transactions. Prompt and efficient services are rendered with online sales of diamonds which make this mode of selling diamonds very popular.

Preferred online diamond buyers should be well established and approved by relevant authorities of the industry. They should hold valid memberships with reputable associations with the British Jewelers’ Association or National Association of Goldsmiths that acknowledge their authentication.

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Checking Out Stores that Sell Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend as the precious stone is known for its high value, style, strength and beauty. The sparkle on a diamond speaks loud and clear on any finger, neck or ear.


Diamonds can be cut and shaped in a myriad of shapes and sizes that would delight the buyer. The more popular shapes of diamond sold in the market today include round, heart, pear, oval, emerald and triangle.

These designs can be set on gold, silver or platinum depending on the customer’s preference and the season’s fashion. Diamond stones can be set as an elegant pair of earrings where one stud is sufficient to turn heads while a strand of diamond stones in a bracelet or necklace might just cause others to go green with envy.

Jewellery designers are creative and skilled in offering the best of designs to sell diamond in the market. Their creativity leads to exquisite diamond brooches and exotic head tiaras. The creativity and innovation can progress to mixing diamond stones with other precious stones like ruby, sapphire or emerald in any design.

There is no limit to the type of design diamond designers can create to entice consumers as more designs are churned out to the market.


When it comes to buying diamond jewellery, it is important to consider the establishment of the jewellery shop or company as there is a myriad of jewellery stores selling fake diamond pieces. These unscrupulous stores may be carrying zirconium stones to pass off as diamonds. Zirconium is often used as a gemstone as a substitute diamond that is available at a much lower price for those with budget constraints.

The wise consumers should check up on the credibility of the jewellery stores that sell diamond jewellery to avoid buying cheap stones passed off as diamonds. Genuine and established diamond stores should have a proven track record on their precious stones sales with a good standing in the marketplace.

A lot of jewellery stores are setting up online sites to display their wares with many types of tempting promotions and discounts on pricing. Consumers need to identify the company’s true existence in the market before performing online transactions with such jewellery sites as many are fraudulent setups that fleece unsuspecting or desperate consumers.

Genuine diamond or jewellery stores that sell diamond jewellery would be licensed and authorized to conduct businesses. These should be long establishments with a good track record and esteemed reputation in the marketplace.

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Diamond Dealers and Those Who Sell Diamonds for Cash

There are many kinds of investors in the market. A less common investor is the diamond dealer. Other market investors may take on gold or bonds but diamond is also a good commodity to trade in if the dealer is well versed with the economy and market on diamonds. When furnished with the right information at the right time, it is easy for any diamond dealer to sell diamonds for cash.


Any consumer can opt to be a diamond dealer if they have a strong passion for diamonds and fast cash. Investing in diamonds is similar to investing in any other commodity in the market. Similar principles of economy apply; a ready market with willing buyers and sellers set the stage aright for some fast moving transactions for fast cash.

A diamond dealer can source for diamond sellers from anywhere. A simple advertisement for diamonds wanted in any form in the mass media or Internet today would see hundreds of interested sellers with a myriad of diamond pieces. There are plenty of ordinary consumers comprising housewives, professionals and young people with their personal collection of diamond jewellery which they are willing to part for cash.

Another potential avenue for procuring diamonds are diamond stores or jewellery shops which might have bought diamond pieces from their regular customers on trade-ins. However, these jewellery stores do not specialize in diamond jewellery; hence, the little pieces on hand are of no use or profit. These are usually sold for cash to diamond dealers or investors without any modification. The prices for such jewellery are low to benefit the buyer.


There are also different processes applied when it comes to selling diamonds for cash by any party. An ordinary consumer may sell their diamond collection for fast cash in person at any jewellery store that is willing to take the pieces.

Diamond dealers may request for a mailing of the diamonds to their office or store for a further evaluation before paying cash for the items. Professional diamond dealers or jewellery stores that accept diamonds for cash would use some secure packaging of diamonds for a sealed delivery by the Postal Services.

Diamond sellers should ensure the right insurance coverage against possible loss or damage to diamonds in transit. Established and reputable diamond dealers who pay cash for diamonds would evaluate the diamond pieces to ascertain the stones’ value in terms of cut, carat, color and clarity. The best selling price would be offered depending on the market value for diamonds at that point in time.

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