4K Weekly Update


Valentine's Party

Sorry this is so delayed! I kept planning on sending this out, but never got to it on my to do list! First of all, our Valentine's party will be this Friday after 2nd recess. This will be about 2:30.

The following people signed up to help bring supplies:

  • Treats: Kasen, Allee, and Madelyn
  • Drinks: Isaac, Colin
  • Paper Plates: Delaney (Already got - thank you!)
  • Cups: Emerson

Thanks for helping out with our class party!

For the party, students should bring a container or bag to put their Valentines in. This can be a specially designed box, but definitely does not have to be!

February Book Reports

For the month of February, students are choosing their own book and chose their own end product for their book report. I will be sending an individual email to let you know which product your child chose. They should have brought something home about it on Friday.


We just finished up our FAST testing to determine your child's correct words per minute. As a result of this testing and their progress monitoring, some students may have moved to a new small group reading. This just means the focus of the instruction may have shifted slightly. I will be sharing scores with you at conferences.

In Journeys, we are wrapping up "The Screech Owl Who Liked Television" this week. Students are working on summarizing the story with a partner and we will take the vocabulary and comprehension tests. Your child can share this story with you on ThinkCentral.com.


Currently, we are wrapping up a prompt about being president for a day. Students will share these with you at conferences. The remainder of this week will be spent researching a president and writing an informative/explanatory piece about him. Next week, we will begin work on narrative writing.


We have been working on chapter 5, which is all about multiplication. We have just barely started, but eventually, your child should be able to multiply 2 digit by 2 digit numbers and up to 4 digits by 1 digit numbers! They are pretty excited to be learning this harder multiplication!

The 100th Day of School