The 9th Amendment

Anh Trinh-Block 2-12/11/14

The Emumeration of Rights Clause

The enumeration in the constitution,of certain rights,shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Bill of Rights Scenario

A woman sued a man because she thought her rights were being violated. She sued him because he kept her from voting. His lawyer stated that she would make an unreasonable choice that would be influenced by the wrong people. His lawyer also stated that she was a woman so she would not make a logical choice. The woman's lawyer stated that the ninth amendment let her have rights that were not listed in the bill of rights.The women's argument had been that she had right to vote from the 15th amendment. This amendment applied to the woman and so in the end the women won the case.The man lost because he had nothing to argue back with and now the woman is happily voting.

Court Case

In 1970 there was a big case named Roe v. Wade. This court case was when a federal court in Texas struck down a state law prohibiting abortions unless they were necessary to save a mother's life.The suit had been brought by jane Roe.(This was a fake name to give her privacy)She claimed that the law interfered with her personal right to control her own body and that she had a constitutional right to decide this matter for herself.The outcome was in 1973.The Supreme Court,by a vote of 7 to 2,upheld the lower court decision ,ruling that a state may not prohibit abortion during the first six months of pregnancy.


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