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21 Strategies Every 21st Century Teacher Should TRY!

Staff Development for 2015-2016

This year's Staff Development will be flipped, just as it was last year. So, you will be completing the activities with your students at the time you feel is appropriate. It is based on Discovery Education's Spotlight on Strategies (SOS).

What is SOS?

Spotlight on Strategies Activities are creative, research-based instructional strategies, presented by teachers for teachers. These simple instructional strategies incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways that can easily be extended with technology activities and substitutions.

Delivery of Staff Development

Over 40 SOS lessons have been chosen that can easily be incorporated into any subject area that you are teaching. These SOS's have been placed in a THINGLINK (see below) for you to read, watch, browse, and think about.

When you HOVER over a red and white dot, the name of the SOS will appear along with technology strategy suggestions that can be incorporated in the activity. When you CLICK on the red and white dot, you will be taken to a Discovery Education link that contains a video showing and telling you exactly how to complete the strategy along with materials, expected times for completion and other follow up activities. You will also find citations for the video, a transcript of the video and, my favorite, a PDF of the lesson. (You WILL have to be logged in to Discovery Education to see these items.)

Click the link below...

Earning Your Staff Development Credit

In order to earn your maximum 2.1 CEU's, you will need to select 21 of the 40+ SOS activities to complete with your class. When you complete them, you can do 1 of 3 things to confirm completion:

1. Email a student sample once you complete the SOS to your TF (include the name of the SOS in the subject line).

2. Send a picture of your students working on the SOS that you choose through email to your TF (include the name of the SOS in the subject line).

3. Invite the TF and/or Media Specialist to participate and co-teach with you in your SOS activity.

When you submit your SOS Activity...

After you submit your activity to the TF, you will receive a sticker that will be placed on your 2015-16 Staff Development Poster, as shown below, showing your completion. Again, your goal this year is to compete 21 of the activities to get 2.1 CEU's.
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If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact your TF! Have fun exploring and being creative with the AMAZING SOS's in Discovery Education!