Chicago Bulls

Richard Sanchez

11/20/15 Golden Sate Warriors v.s Chicago Bulls

Today the Chicago Bulls lost and made the Warriors 14-0. They were so close but then they let the Warriors get back into the game the Bulls led by 10.


The bulls have a real good shot at winning the tittle and if they are able to beat the hardest team and they can't be losing to the weak teams.

Fan base

This team has one of the home arenas that is because their fans are die hard fans the other teams are scared to face the Bulls at home. The Bulls only lost 1 game at their home this season. When they are away there is still a lot of fans once they were away and there was more Bulls fan then the home team.


The Bulls may have the best mascot in the whole NBA. It's Benny the Bull he loves to do his job and he just makes the games so much better he helps the crowd cheer for the Bulls when they were down he makes the blood pump in the arena.