Ancient Greece

Written By Alyssa, Jameel, Sista, Cam, & Jayden

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Ancient Greece Location & Government Structure

Greece is located in the southeastern region of Europe, in the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Ancient Greece was split up into independent city - states, and they were all able to choose their own type of government.

Basic Structure / How Officials Were Chosen

Ancient Greeks used a type of democracy called direct democracy. This meant that although there were government officials, (chosen at random from the citizens; all rich, adult, males) all the citizens had a say in every important decision that was made.
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City States

A city - state is a large city, and its surrounding areas. Two examples of Ancient Greece city - states are Athens, which created and chose to use direct democracy, and Sparta, which chose to have a monarchy.

Greece & U.S. Government Comparison

Greece and U.S. democracy are alike and different in a few ways. They both have governments with three branches, all of these branches do the same things, and political power is held by the citizens. They are different, because while everyone born or processed is an American citizen, only rich, adult, men were able to be citizens in Greece. Also, in Greece, they had assemblies with all of the citizens to vote on laws, but in the U.S., representatives are elected to make those decisions. Finally, as many as 500 jurors could serve in Ancient Greece, while a jury in the U.S. could only have twelve.

How Democratic Government Affects My Life Today...

Democratic government affects my life today by giving me freedom, equal rights, a free public education, laws to protect me, and also gives me the ability to vote when I turn eighteen.

Other Facts...


A king or queen having supreme power.


One person ruling the land based on wealth and land ownership.


A government in which citizens are able to vote for their leaders in government.


The upper class, nobility, and descendants of wealthy and upper class families rule.


Ancient Time - Took power in an illegal way.

Present - A cruel leader.

Four Roles of Citizens

Vote (optional)

Pay Taxes

Join the Military (optional)

Obey the Laws

Rule of Law

Everyone has to follow every single law. No exceptions.

Minority Rights

Everyone has equal rights.

Majority Rule

The most votes for something wins.

Limited Government

The government can't make or pass any law they want.