Jackson Journal

Stay warm, Braves!

Important Dates to Remember

Thursday, January 17 - Spelling Bee, 1:30

Thursday, January 18th, 4:00-10:00 - Spirit Night, Barberitos - Come and support Lego League!

Friday, January 26 - The Seven Habits Parent Booster and Luncheon (Parents - Please rsvp before Thursday, January 18th!)

Thursday, February 8, 7:30-8:15 - Family Leadership Team meeting, Room 213

*All parents are welcome to attend this meeting. We will be planning the Spring Fling at our next meeting. Be sure to participate and give input for the event! Breakfast snacks will be provided.

Friday, February 9 - No school, Parent/Teacher Conference Day

Tuesday, April 10 - Spring Fling

YMCA anyone??

If you are interested in our on-site YMCA program, please email krlane@k12k.com for more information. This program operates every day until 6:00 pm. Financial assistance is available and child care certificates are accepted.

Clinic News


Please note the following procedures for students who complain of headaches. Teachers should ask the following questions when a student complains of a headache:

1. Did your headache start at home this morning?

2. Do your parents know about your headache?

3. Did your parents give you medicine this morning for your headache at home?

4. Did you fall and hit your head against something at home?

5. Do your parents know about this happening?

6. Have you eaten breakfast this morning?

Most headaches are caused by hunger or dehydration. Students should be kept in the classroom unless they have other signs of illness.

We want our students in the classroom - learning! Unless students have other signs of illness or have been injured, they should be kept in the classroom.

Be on the lookout for more clinic reminders in upcoming newsletters!