collaborative game from the popular flashcard site

QuizletLive Brings Collaboration to Vocabulary Review!

The ever-popular Quizlet.com added a new "live" game function that takes the thousands of Quizlet flashcard lists and makes them into a collaborative live-time group activity. Teachers with Quizlet accounts can use lists they have already created, and teachers who are new to Quizlet can sign up for a free account and then search for flashcard lists by topic. STAAR and AP subjects have many lists that have been created by other teachers in Texas and around the world. If you find a list that you like but want to edit, you simply copy the list into your account and edit the cards with your changes.

QuizletLive Game Play

The game function chooses 12 "cards" to create the game, so you will have to choose a list that has at least 12 cards. The game will choose 12 different cards for each round and will increase the frequency of the cards that are getting missed the most. After each round, the cards that are missed most will also be displayed, so the teacher can review and discuss these terms with the whole group before the next round.


  • Choose your list and then click on the purple button on the right that says LIVE.
  • Then click on the blue button on the right that says CREATE GAME.
  • With your projector on, the game will now display a JOIN CODE.
  • Have students go to https://quizlet.com/live and then type in the JOIN CODE.
  • They will need to type their names.
  • When all of the students have joined the game, click on START GAME.
  • The game will automatically group the students into groups with animal name titles. They need to take their devices with them as they quickly re-group around the room. A 10-count countdown helps students do this part quickly.
  • Once kids are grouped, start the game.
  • A graph will appear with the team names and their progress for the whole group to see.
  • Each group will get the same term, but the group members will have different cards (definitions.) So, the groups must talk to each other to find which group member has the definition that works. When the group agrees on an answer, the team member with that card clicks on it.
  • If the wrong card is chosen, the group resets back to zero. The correct answer is also shown to all the group members before they are shown a new card.
  • The first team to get all 12 cards correct first is declared the winner!
  • The top missed cards will be displayed at the end of each round and the teacher will be given the option to "shuffle teams" or to keep the same teams together for the next round.
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"I like Kahoot. How is this different?"

Kahoot is popular for a variety of multiple choice formative assessments and reviews. QuizletLive is based on vocabulary and definitions, so it is really just for vocabulary work. The collaborative feature with the groups working together to get 12 correct in a row, encourages the students to talk and confer about the vocabulary and the definitions. This game actually has students read, speak, and listen to the word definitions, which is great for English Language Learners.