"Angel of the battlefield."

Early Life

Clara Harlowe Barton was born on December 25, 1821 in Oxford, MA.

She had four siblings, but she claimed that she had "no playmates." By the time Clara was in school her brother was teacher her even though she already went to school. They grew very close to each other.

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Working As A Teacher

For Clara's first job she worked as a teacher. A woman being a teacher was rare because a lot of men were teachers at the time. Clara and her students bonded very well. She was a very loved teacher do to the fact that she was very kind to her students. She even taught for free!
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On The Battlefield

Soon after Clara became a teacher she became a nurse for The Civil War. Clara was a very caring nurse and helped when ever she could. She once went on the battle field just to help a soilder. Because of here braverey she was nicknamed "Angel of the battlefield.

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American Red Cross

American Red Cross is a foundation founded by Clara Burton. This foundation helps people in need arond the world. The provide food and clothes and food to these people. American Red Cross still does this to this day thanks to Clara.
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