Silky Smooth hair products

be there for Silky Smooth hair

Fashion show and demonstraton for Silky Smooth products

we have been needing a new product for Silky Smooth hair products for a while now since most products were made by someone who was careless for the job and just wanted money. the purpose of having this fashion show and demonstration is to really get our product out there in the public to get some money coming into our business. our product was just made six months ago so this fashion show and demonstration should help us a lot. please join us so you van have Silky Smooth beautiful hair!

Silky Smooth fashion show and demonstration

Monday, June 16th, 10pm-2am

Yuba City Silky Smooth hair salon

Our Silky Smooth fashion show will be starting at 12:30

be there by 10:00 for the demonstration of smooth hair products

first 15 people to volunteer will be in our fashion show

Silky Smooth agenda

show up by 10:00

pick a seat and be seated

demonstration from 10:00-11:00

start getting dressed up for Silky Smooth fashion show 11:00-12;25

fashion show for silky smooth hair 12:00-2:00