Grade 6 Extended News Letter

Term 3- Week 7

This week in Grade 6 Extended...

What a week...

As we near the end of term our thoughts are quickly turning to our last Exit Point in Grade 6 Extended. We are incredibly excited about communicating our Migration learning in a variety of ways. This week we arranged our groups, began to plan our display and gather all the resources we will need. In writing our main characters reached the 'Land of the Free'. Through our writing we recreate the sights, sounds and issues they faced back in the 19th century. We answered the big question - where the streets paved with gold? Parvana and Ayeesha, our two main characters in our reading books, had an excruciatingly tough week as they faced enemy soldiers and the prejudices in their home country. Resilence, grit and a little bit of luck was the key to their success!

Virtue for the coming week: Trust

Trust is having faith in someone or something. It is a positive attitude about life. You are confident that the right thing will happen without trying to control it or make it happen. Even when difficult things happen, trust helps us to find the gift or lesson in it.


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Problem Solving!

Note: End of year Exam – 5th June 2015 (All topics covered in Grade 6)

The Grade 6 children explored the properties of solid figures. They used the key vocabulary such as ‘faces’, ‘edges’ and ‘vertices’ to describe the solid figures. They even came up with interesting riddles related to solid figures.

The Grade 6 children are revising the topics that they have learnt for the whole semester. The children are strongly encouraged to revise the termly reviews in their activity books. They are also reminded to get their stationery ready for their exam; pencils, erasers, highlighters, rulers and most importantly, calculators!

Language Arts- Historical Fiction

Reaching New York

This week we finally reached our destination...New York. Our main goals was to capture what the streets and housing in New York was like for a migrant at the end of the 19th Century. Through gathering photographs and reading a variety of outcomes from the period we gained an insight into the streets, the tenements and jobs of the day. We created images and sounds through similes and metaphors. We paid particular attention to keeping our writing as factual as possible interwoven with our character's thoughts and feelings. The tenements description was crucial to our writing this week. We placed ourselves in the photos and thought about what we could see, hear, smell and touch. Our sentences were full of darkness and gloom within this cramped space which for many was now home.

Next week we begin to create our published piece to share with you all at our Exit Point.

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Writer's techniques

This week we continued to work on our sentence structures, trying to vary the sentences that we use in our writing. Our attention this week focused on capturing the inner thoughts and feelings of our main characters. For this we used a structure known as 0.I (outside , inside) to contrast the way that our characters portrayed themselves on the outside, when really they felt much differently inside.

On the outside, Edward looked calm and compose, (However on the inside, his emotions were in turmoil). - Mayan W

On the outside, Naomi looked as carefree as a bird ( However on the inside, she was both anxious and worried). - Chloe L

On the outside, Thomas was excited (However on the inside, his heart had been broken into a million pieces, at the loss of his family). - Adam Y

On the outside, Edward oozed the strength of an ox (However on the inside, he was as scared as a touch-me-not).- Daniel S

IPC: Migration- field research and analysis

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International -Week 2

Parents you are in for a great treat!

This week the children have continued to think about their part in the final Exit Point. They have made their decisions about the area/s they will become an expert in,articulating this learning with all our guests on Wednesday June 10th (Our UWCSEA experience will be key to reach our goal).The children have been working really hard and are really confident and enthusiastic about the exit point.

The children's learning in the fields of Geography, History, International and Society will be demonstrated in a variety of ways. You will be entertained with:

- interactive time lines

- live news reports

- freeze framing and role play

- poetry

- historical fiction pieces of writing

- podcasts

and finally a person guided tour of our learning journey! And breathe!

We do hope you can come and join us, for the end of year finale!!!

Home Learning tasks

Spellings- application of knowledge

The children have been 20 spellings this week which relate to the patterns covered in the first two terms. In addition to the spellings. the children have been set further word and sentence development activities (Synonyms and adding additional clauses).

Spelling to handed in: Tuesday 2nd June

Spelling test : Tuesday 2nd June

Writer's Notebook- planting seeds and then writing

The children have been given the stimulus of secrets to explore. The children have been asked to note ideas about secrets, using the Edward De Bono thinking hats.

Black hat- Have you ever passed on a secret and what were the consequences?

Red hat- How does keeping secret make you feel?

Yellow hat- What qualities do you possess to be chosen for keeping secrets?

Green hat- Have you tried to conceal a secret and how?

White hat- How do secrets affect people in general?

Blue hat- to choose one of the themes (mini story, a written argument, a personal account, poetry etc.) that was brainstormed in class and create a piece of writing around that idea. This is a chance for children to really showcase the writing techniques they have used this year.

Writer's notebook to be handed in: Wednesday 3rd June

Key Dates

Vesak Day - Monday June 1st (Holiday)

UES End of Year Mathematics Examination - Friday June 5th

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Grade 6 Migration Exit Point...will be on Wednesday June 10th at 8.15 am. Please do join us for our final Celebration of Learning!

End of School Year - Friday June 12th at 12.20pm