Garrett A Morgan

by: Gwen


Garrett is creative because he invented things like traffic lights and, other parts of cars. You see he made our world a lot better. Imagine our world without him. Garrett is creative.


Garrett is hardworking because he changed our world by making all these things. He was working really hard to make this happen. Do you support him?


Garrett is determined because he wanted to make life better. He was determined to make us happy we are happy that he made this for us. He is very important.

Important life experiences of Garrett

Garret was a famous inventor. As you can see he invented lots of cool stuff! He was treated bad for his color of skin. Everybody loved him for inventing the stuff and, they were so pleased that he was the first black to try out a car. You see Garrett is very important. He is not the only change to our world check out my classmates and, wait a little longer and then you can go to my classmates.
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Interview Questions for Garrett A Morgan

- How much attention did you get when you invented the things you did?

There was a lot of attention. It kind of bothered me I just wanted to make our community a better place.

-How did inventing make you feel?

It made me feel great to help with the problems in our community. I hope I inspired them.