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News and Information for our RCS families . . . . . 05-13-16

Early Explorers

The Early Explorers have been venturing out to the town of Ripley. Once a week for the month of May we have and will continue taking walking field trips to local businesses. Our first stop was the Ripley Hardware Store; the children loved to see all the tools and items they had to offer. One child kept asking about a jackhammer, which is his favorite tool; he explained to the class what it does: “It cuts up cement and roads.” A big thank you goes to the parent who purchased a souvenir for each child to take home with them.

Our second field trip was to the Ripley Post Office where the students mailed home a postcard they had created, Each child was able to put the postcard in the slot to be sent out for processing. They were so excited to see where the mail goes once it is in the box. They enjoyed looking around the post office and hearing about all the hard work it takes to get mail from one place to another. We would also like to say another big thank you to the Ripley postal workers for the coloring books. As school is coming to an end, the Early Explorers will be finishing up the month of May with two final field trips, one to our local library and the other to Meeder's restaurant. The students are really enjoying seeing what is in “their” town!

Second Grade Skills Scavenger Hunt

The Second Graders kicked off their last skills unit by exploring a variety of non-fiction texts through a scavenger hunt. Prior to the hunt they reviewed the definition of nonfiction and informational text. Miss Gollnitz then showed them different types of nonfiction texts, for example science, history and biography books, newspapers, magazines, atlases and websites. Students then worked together with a buddy to figure out the purpose of each type of text. For example, students were asked to locate a text that is printed every day and has articles about the news and sports. Can you guess what type of text fits that clue? Student clearly had a fun time learning about nonfiction text as they are eager for another scavenger hunt.


Our students have been working hard in speech therapy adding flowers to our spring mural. The younger students worked on improving grammar skills including those pesky pronouns (he, she, we, they) as well as using regular past tense –ed endings in short sentences. Remember it is okay to correct your child if you notice they are saying something incorrectly. It will help them become more aware of the error and correct it the next time. Our older students have been working on improving vocabulary skills by understanding prefixes (un-, pre-, re-, mis-) and homonyms or multiple meaning words. All the students had fun adding to the project while practicing these important skills. Stop by and check out the mural if you are in the building outside the Speech/OT room!

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Come to our Buy 1, Get 1 Free Scholastic Book Fair!

4:30 - 8:00 PM in the RCS Large Gym Tuesday, May 17th

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Tuesday, May 17 ~ Grades 1 & 2 to Children's Safety Village in Ashville, NY

Tuesday, May 17 ~ Early Explorers to Ripley Free Library

Tuesday, May 17 ~ Grade 3 to Children's Safety Village in Ashville, NY

Tuesday, May 17 ~ BOGO Book Fair - 4:30 - 8 PM in the RCS Large Gym

Tuesday, May 17 ~ Budget Vote - 2 - 8 PM in the Maker Lab

Tuesday, May 17 ~ Spring Choral Concert! 6:30 PM

Friday, May 20 ~ ASP Field trip to Tom Ridge Environmental Center& Presque Isle State Park Monday, May 23 ~ Bike/Walk to School - Play, Picnic & Prizes

Tuesday, May 24 ~ Early Explorers to Meeder's Restaurant

Wednesday, May 25 ~ Conservation Field Days, Bemus Pt., NY, 5th grade

Wednesday, May 25 ~ Gr. 4 Science Performance Exam

Friday, May 27 ~ Waldameer, Erie, PA, 6th grade

Monday, May 30 ~ No School, Memorial Day - Building closed

Wednesday, June 1 ~ Visual and Performing Arts Night from 6 - 7 PM

Thursday, June 2 ~ Grades 3 - 6 Erie SeaWolves Education Days (Chorus sings!)

Friday, June 3 ~ PreK - 2 to the Erie Zoo

Friday, June 3 ~ Community Conversation 4:30 - 6:30 PM ~ Dinner included, must R.S.V.P.

Monday, June 6 - Grade 4 - Science Written Exam

Tuesday, June 7 ~ Field Day

Wednesday, June 8 ~ Midway Park Outing for Prek & Kindergarten

Thursday, June 9 - Last day of school for our Early Explorers

Thursday, June 9 - 9:30 AM PreK Graduation

Thursday, June 9 - 1:30 PM 6th Grade Graduation Practice

Thursday, June 9 - 5:15 PM 6th Grade Graduation Dinner

Thursday, June 9 - 6:15 PM 6th Grade Graduation Lineup

Thursday, June 9 - 6:30 PM 6th Grade Graduation

Friday, June 10 ~ Last FULL day for students (Monday & Tuesday are 1/2 days)

Monday, June 13 ~ Dismissal 1:00 PM; Student Led Conferences (SLC)

Tuesday, June 14 ~ Dismissal 1:00 PM; SLC; PreK - 6 Students' Last Day of School