Insight Journal Bulletin

Khaleanne Davis; Editor-in-Chief

Cut Down To Something I Don't Want To Be

Little Moon, 14 year old boy. Was forced to go to school even though his parents didn't want him to, they wanted to home teach him. He was forced to cut his hair, because it was not the "American Way" for boys to have hair as long as girls. Even though that long hair was part of his culture as well. Little Moon also had to wear different clothes, not the clothes him and his tribe wore. He couldn't practice nor have his culture because he had to change and go by all new expectations. Little Moon could never be himself again.

Inside The "Perfect" Women's Mind

Women are based off to be these "perfect" people in everyone's opinion, especially men's. They are the ones who take care of the house, clean, cook, and take care of the children. Men think that they only think about expensive clothing, expensive things and looking more nice then other women. Women are expected to be married and if not married than they are basically "outcasts" or not "real" women. Women are basically said to be only good for writing corespondents and being stay at home moms. That women aren't "capable" of doing work that men do, probably because some women