"You say you want a revolution."

"Well, you know We all want to change the world."

Revolting with a Purpose!

People and citizens were unhappy because of things the government was doing that they didn't agree with. Government does good for people depending on what it is doing, sometimes the government does things that outrage people and start something like a rebellion. Citizens don’t want to be like a dog with its leash too tight, they want some space and freedom. Harsh rules, distrust, and lack of freedom cause people to be unhappy, but also more than that furiated. Citizens form groups of people that have the same opinions on the government and rebel which has caused many Revolutions. They needed a way to express how they believed and opinions on the government and this was their way.

Taking a closer look at The American Revolution

The American Revolution is a big part of America's history it revolutionized the citizens, it impact was HUGE! The American Revolution was a rebellion of the citizens against there leaders, government, Great Britain. Great Britain was in charge of America, but they had began to outrage people with all their laws and taxes so people began to take a stand. Many events took place like The Boston Tea Party, people standing up for taxes Great Britain put on tea, or things like the Boston Massacre which deals more with the warfare side of things. Through all these tragic, overwhelming, sometimes over joyful acts America had gained its Independence which is an amazing part of history. America is now known as "the land of the free, and the home of the brave," thank you to The American Revolution.
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Benefits VS. Costs

I believe everything that happens has a good side and a bad, but you have to determine which is more important. The example I'm using is The American Revolution, people died fighting for what they believed in for America's freedom. Those people are heroes to America, the brave that fought and gave America something irreplaceable our freedom. Losing a loved one is hard and that is a cost faced, but they fought for a reason and that is for our freedom. They benefits outweigh the tragic costs, because the people reached their goal of this revolution.