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Media and Media Literacy

When I think of media literature, I think of a different form or way of using technology to express opinions. Overall I think media literature focuses on using the internet, television, or some sort of social method to state certain information. It also gives us a chance to analyze the different types of literature. I think it can also come to a case of sharing variety forms of documentation. Media of course is used to spread news, broadcast, or even share stories to the public. So I guess in this case with media literature, it always the publishers to broadcast Valid points to the public or to other publishers. In some forms in can be used to protect younger children. Being allowed to analyze and evaluate each story or post lets us make sure there’s nothing rated R or inappropriate. It can also be used to bring a valid point of creating critical thinking. For example, a publisher’s post maybe just a story allows the reader to think a little deeper than usual. So it can help a younger child evaluate and try to express his own thoughts on whether he agrees or disagrees. It can also can show in some ways how a person thinks of life by the different types of articles, stories, or post they are posting. I think what’s most important is that not everybody will agree with what, let’s say you try to broadcast to prove a point. Because everybody is different in seeing literature.

Reflecting the past

i think social media is always going to play a big part in our life. mostly because there's not a a day in our life we don't use it, its an addiction we cant get enough of. Social media will always be around us, i believe that social media will always be at hand. This is because we have evolved it into an everyday need. if you think about it what has the world come down to, it’s come down to using social media to promote events, news, pictures, etc, and it will only become more advanced. i learned that social media is more than just news and broadcasting, its more like a second language or another language. social media has its positive and negative stances, if u think about it. we need social media to broadcast news, to make an announcement, or just to have fun. But it also has its negative sides, such as distributing, making illegal deals, bullying people etc. I learned that social media has come so far in our generation and it will only continue to advance. But social media has made a huge contribution to how everyday life has become, and it really is scary how now and days we see more and more private stuff being broadcasted and shown on social media. There is no single right or wrong way to assimilate all these into our daily lives and work. It all depends upon our own time, setting, colleagues, and even the image you want to project. For better or for worse, we are all in a new world of communications and most of us will have to learn the new language whether we want it or not. When I think of social media in the future, I believe that it's going to be more advanced to a point where we won't be able to control what we say or what we broadcast to the world. I think that in the future social media is basically going to be our way of speaking, and more of a escape. in the future social media i think would have ruled the world and the way we see it .If you think about it, social media is going to take over our whole lives due to the fact that we we use it to express our feelings or emotions and problems. we basically use it as a way to escape from reality and I think that causes a major problem. So where do we draw the line on what to broadcast and what to express? We don’t know, we can only wait and see.
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Doritos Superbowl commercial

Doritos, in its 2016 Super Bowl Commercial, established a Pregnancy check-up and during the ultrasound the husband is eating Doritos during it. Doritos begins with the husband eating the chip and noticing that the baby is reaching for the Doritos. He then starts to move the Doritos in different angles and the baby follows the Doritos chip. Doritos gets the mother frustrated with the husband and throws the chip to the floor, until she realizes that the baby was following it and so the baby pops right out to get the chip. Doritos is basically targeting the entire world, but mostly they want you to know that their taste is what sets them apart. In other terms they want to show that their product is so good that even a unborn fetus would do anything to get their product. Doritos is addressing anybody who enjoys a quick snack.
Doritos 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

Paroles or no?

When I first look at the meaning of this quote, I tend to agree a lot with it. For many reasons I see how this quote can correspond with society today. If you look at society today, you see how many children in poverty have hard lives and tend to take the easy way of just working their way through life. I can relate this quote to my own life. Growing up in Mexico was difficult because it isn’t a rich country, so most of my time from the age of 7 I was helping my family with bringing in money and that sometimes caused problems for my education. So it really does play a part in today’s society because everybody is born into a different lifestyle. Then you look at a teenager who has reached that point in their life or phase where all they think about is sexual activity. And that plays a huge factor today in society, with having the pregnancy rate going up every year. Knowing this u can tell by how Teenagers as well as young women are influenced by outside sources such as Social media, Television shows, and peer pressure. In many cases there is thousands of reasons on why we are paroles but it takes somebody with common knowledge to figure out in what they believe in. They marry at a young age because they are so naive that they believe that they are following in love, that they marry at such a young age. They do this and believe life will be easy after that moment but in fact they find themselves working just to survive and finding ways to help them maintaining themselves. After having children only makes them work harder for them to maintain themselves and having the need for hard labor to help keep them going in life. This allows them to give their children a better lifestyle and create more stress towards the parents. The difference making them grow weaker with every passing year. So where does this take us ? It takes us to telling us why a lot of people die at early age, it's not just for the the lifestyle, but from years of hard labor, doing everything in your power to help you have a better life. In the end what u hope for the most won't be good enough, and it's like you wasted most of your life focusing on a good life rather than enjoying life in the moment. Comparing this quote to real life events is like giving the difference between a Orange and grapefruit, yea they are some differences but overall they are the same . There can be different outside sources that play a factor in creating a difference for each situation. In some facts we can say that Julia is mostly a person who's influenced mind has made her a person with no cares other than her. But this quote made me think of the different situations we put ourselves in, in creating the type of life we put ourselves through. we can either create a life or future where we will succeed or, build a life with failure and regret that will put us on the point of death. Only we could choose.
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Nat Turner Rebellion

Nat Turner was born on October 2, 1800 in Southampton Virginia. While still a young child, Nat was overheard describing events that had happened before he was born. This, along with his keen intelligence, and other signs marked him in the eyes of his people as a prophet "intended for some great purpose." A deeply religious man, he "therefore studiously avoided mixing in society, and wrapped [him] self in mystery, devoting [his] time to fasting and praying." In 1821, he ran away from his overseer and returned thirty days because of a vision in which the spirit had told him to return to the service of my earthly master, as he explains. This of course was during the slavery period, and it was during this point in his life where his master died and he was later sold to Thomas Moore. Turner during his time with Thomas Moore claimed that during his third vision, it was that he heard loud noises. He says,”I heard a loud noise in the heavens, and the Spirit instantly appeared to me and said the Serpent was loosened, and Christ had laid down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men, and that I should take it on and fight against the Serpent, for the time was fast approaching when the first should be last and the last should be first... And by signs in the heavens that it would make known to me when I should commence the great work, and until the first sign appeared I should conceal it from the knowledge of men; and on the appearance of the sign... I should arise and prepare myself and slay my enemies with their own weapons." This made him feel like the world he was living in wasn’t right and that something should be done to bring peace between him and his people. So in the month of February, he decided to act and he took different actions and signs that led him to accomplishing his task. He would wait on the sun to guide him and a group of other slaves who were tired of being in slavery. So at 2:00am that morning, they set out to the Travis household, where they killed the entire family as they lay sleeping. Turner continued on from house to house, killing all of the white people they encountered. Turner's force eventually consisted of more than 40 slaves, most on horseback. By August 22, Turner decided to march toward Jerusalem, the closest town. By then word of the rebellion had gotten out to the whites; confronted by a group of militia, the rebels scattered, and Turner's force became disorganized. After spending the night near some slave cabins, Turner and his men attempted to attack another house, but were repulsed. Several of the rebels were captured. The remaining force then met the state and federal troops in final skirmish, in which one slave was killed and many escaped, including Turner. In the end, the rebels had stabbed, shot and clubbed at least 55 white people to death. Nat Turner hid in several different places near the Travis farm, but on October 30 was discovered and captured. His "Confession," dictated to physician Thomas R. Gray, was taken while he was imprisoned in the County Jail. On November 5, Nat Turner was tried in the Southampton County Court and sentenced to execution. He was hanged, and then skinned, on November 11. This can be somewhat compared to how some of the Ferguson riots, and uprising claiming how the police were targeting the black community. In 1984 Winston will be the leader of the uprising against big brother.

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Donald Trump

“A Trump television ad shows Mexicans swarming over "our southern border."

So in Donald Trump’s first campaign, Donald Trump shows footage of dozens of people swarming over a border fence. But the footage isn’t what Trump claims it is.

About halfway through the ad, a narrator says of Trump, "He'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay for." Video footage shows dozens of people streaming across the border, as if they were ants fleeing an anthill. But what people don’t know it’s about immigrants from a small enclave on the mainland of Morocco. Trump tried to show the world what a big problem immigration was and made it seem like it was a fast action we needed to take it that wasn’t even the case. I think that it was very normal what trump did, especially for his first campaign, because he has been so much on the fact and the thought of taking out all immigrants out of the United States. But I thought it was messed up that he got the first video he saw without knowing the backstory.

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Dump Trump

Comparing wall border to the great wall of china

"The Great Wall of China, built 2,000 years ago, is 13,000 miles (long)."

Donald Trump have several points that stand out for his campaign one of them being building a wall between Mexico and the United States. He validates the points comparing the wall to the great wall of china stating this wall was built two thousand years ago and is thirteen thousand miles long. it is far more complicated than that. The great wall of china was built with several years before it was complete and it took almost every dynasty to complete. Trump stated "the wall is not contagious", china is constantly puffing up the wall solely for the benefit of tourism. "The wall never worked" the wall didnt do what it was suppose to; it did not stop the mongols and the manchus from crossing. In the mother Jones magazine it states the great wall didn't do what it was originally made for, it was enormously costly, and it caused a great amount of suffering among those who built it. The United States would be attracting more attention to the country and tourist would want to visit on a daily which gives them the opportunity to stay in the country even longer.
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Why you lien Cruz

"Poll after poll after poll shows me beating Hillary."-Ted Cruz

During a press conference Ted Cruz claimed that poll after poll her was getting more votes than Hilary Clinton and it can be said to be very unlucky he would be close to being near Hilary .Of the nine surveys released in the last month, Cruz beats Clinton in only one — a Fox News poll where Cruz scores 3 percentage points higher than Clinton. The two were tied in the latest. It can be said that the difference between Cruz and Hilary is that they both have different views on how they run in the presidential race. But with both being valuable, one can say they are both very arguable. The thing Cruz is that even thought his run is good l, it's not as good as Hilary. Only because her ideas for the United States make lot of sense compared to Cruz .

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Clinton a sore loser

Bernie Sanders 'has been largely a very reliable supporter of the NRA'

Reeling from attacks over her ties to Wall Street, Hillary Clinton blasted Bernie Sanders over his own connections to a target of liberal ire: the gun lobby.He’s been largely a very reliable supporter of the NRA. He kept his word to the NRA. He voted against the Brady Bill five times," Clinton said during the April 14 Democratic primary debate in New York. Due to Hilary getting tore or in other words she was getting a lot of heat over he comments on Wall Street, Hillary Clinton has Been claiming that Bernie sanders was a highly profound supporter of the Nra since he vote against the Brady Bill 5 different times and was against her ideas on what the United States should die with different problem. She claimed in her recent debate that she was the right candadaite and that Bernie sanders had no reason and no right being stated the democratic candidate. This is guna turn heads when it's time to vote due to the fact that some of it maybe true or not to be true.

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When I first started taking this course I really believed that I wasn’t going to use in my daily life. But to my surprise it actually has helped my writing and speaking in front of class problem. I learned that although people don’t think this class will help u in the future or n your daily life, they are greatly mistaken. I have learned the values of writing such as writing a Prezi, or in other cases learning to speak in front of my peers without my voice cracking or face getting red. When I look at my first smore entry about media literature, I think my opinion about it has greatly changed to the fact that now that I have learned that media plays a part in it, but isn’t everything. At first glance I thought that social media or media in general was going to play a main part, when in reality anything can be seen as media literacy. Why? Because the world functions in different ways and it took me a whole semester to figure it out. I can also say our Socratic seminar helped out a lot due to the fact that the topics we discussed opened the door to reviling the difference we make if we set out minds to it. I learned that there are different forms of explaining an idea, but also that writing a long paragraph or paper isn’t everything, but only a portion of a good grade. What I learned was that you must think of what you’re writing about and basically connect to how you’re going to write it. I really enjoyed the different Socratic seminars we did because of the fact that we got to express our ideas, as well as taking one topic and connecting it to various other topics. As much as a lot of people didn’t like the writing essays, I really enjoyed them because it gave me a chance to express my ideas as well as giving proper form, such as a good thesis. This class was different other classes because it wasn’t all about taking test or learning vocabulary, it was more of discussion class, a class where every bodies ideas weren’t stupid but a good response. We got go to know each other more and more and connected unlike in other language arts classes where they just learn and go. To make this class better I would say more Socratic seminars, it allowed us to get to interact with other classmates and talk about topics that aren’t really that debatable and making them debatable.

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The Truth Hurts

This video is very unique, I have seen it a lot throughout my favorite videos, due to the fact that it’s so powerful in a way where u know what he’s talking about because it’s so true what he speaks. It’s so powerful in a sense that when I first watched it, it made me look at my phone twice. In a point he’s right that the fact that we have an unhealthy relationship to our phone. We have an addiction to our technology for the fact that we have something that older generations didn’t have. We bring ourselves to not looking up but looking down because our phone is calling us, yelling to us about why we don’t use them all day every day. And who are we to blame, nobody but ourselves. Technology was created as a form of communicating with one another or just as a form of passing the time, but now a days it’s more of our best friend rather than a thing. We get so attached to technology that we forget about the world around us. We forget about why the world was created, why playgrounds were created. They were made to be played on, not to look like nice piece of metal. In the video Prince claimed that Facebook should be renamed to the anti-social network, and it’s true because most people only care about how many friends and followers they have rather than getting closer to those who love you. A lot of people cannot stop being addicted due to the fact that it’s become a part of their life. We become addicted because we enjoy the being in the gossip as well as being updated on everything around the world. Although many believe they can fix it, they really can’t. Because once your addicted it’s like a disease or virus that consumes your form the inside, just playing with your emotions and mind. It’s sad to see when a person has passed his future wife or husband because he or her is looking down at his or her phone and we can stop this by saying no to yourself when you want to do something get your mind to doing it. I feel like I can control how much technology and social media I use because I have other activities to do. If you have other hobbies, it keeps your mind off of your phone or technology and therefore keep you away from addiction.

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