To Kill, Or Not to Kill?

Julius Caesar Act II

Contradiction Arises

It seems that Brutus' mood has changed as of recent. Despite the fact that his friend, the Great Julius Caesar, will be on his way to the Senate to be known as the King of Rome... Brutus' actions and ways are suspicious to others.

Lately we have heard from Artemidorous, and he claims,"Something's just not right! I can feel it!" as he was walking into his house after a brief meeting this evening.

We have also heard from Portia, as she voices her concerns for Brutus. "I am very worried about him. I am afraid he is hiding something and is not telling me... But I am his wife! If I am worthy to be his wife, I should be able to know all his secrets!" she says.

Is this another sign? Are the fellow Romans we know in trouble? Is this another warning sign from the gods? We will only find out tomorrow morning for the ceremony!

Breaking News!!!!

He Has Fell...

Our great leader... Julius Caesar, has been murdered. Brutus himself spoke in front of many civilians and admitted that he had slain Caesar himself! Shock circulates around Rome today as many mourn our great Caesar. But it doesn't stop there!

Mark Antony has been reported to be seen speaking at Caesar's funeral and claiming that Brutus has betrayed the country, and there must be revenge! We also inform you that Octavius Caesar has entered Rome, and Mark Antony was escorting him.

Is there going to be any more problems for the noblemen? Will Antony be the only one to protect Julius Caesar's nephew, the new line to this possible throne? We will only find out next time, in the Roman Times.