Sites Focused on Debatable Topics

Please evaluate carefully!

Evaluate your website for C.R.A.P.

  • Can you find a date for when the resource was created, written, or updated?


  • What kind of information is found in the resource? Is the content primarily opinion? Is the information balanced or biased? Does the author provide citations & references for quotations and data? Is there a bibliography or works cited?


  • Who posted the information that you are reading and/or exploring? Is there an author, if so, what is his/her expertise and educational background? If there is no author, who publishes or sponsors the site?


  • What’s the intent of the article (to persuade you, to sell something, etc.)? ,What is the domain (.edu, .com, etc.)? How might that influence the purpose/point of view? Are there ads on the Web site or in the resource? How do they relate to the topic being covered?Is the author presenting fact or opinion?