AR Flash Cards 2.0

Welcome to a new world of Flashcards!

By: Jessica Bryant

What is AR Flash Cards?

AR Flash cards is a augmented reality flash card lesson that uses your mobile device or tablet and actual flash cards.

Simply go to their website print out the flash cards and let your kids begin learning.

This application is idea for toddlers and preschoolers to help them learn letter recognition!

How It Works

Print out the flash cards from AR and cut them out.

Download the application on your tablet or mobile device.

Once you activate the app on your device point point your phone camera at the flash card and watch the cards come to life on your screen!

Educational Strengths to Using AR Flashcards

  • Flash cards are already familiar to children and used as a learning tool.

  • AR Flash Cards is a free download on tablets and devices.

  • AR flash cards takes that idea and elevates it to be interactive and something kids will get excited about.

  • The app keeps children's attention and helps them learn and remember words and animal names. When you tap the screen it makes the animal come to life. When you tap the info button it gives you unique facts about the object.

  • The new space application released allows children to learn solar system names and planets and actually see them come to life on the screen!

  • Phones and tablets can also take a screenshot to save a photo of the animals/planet. Kids can go back to it at a later time even when the app isn't running on the phone.

“I absolutely love this unique twist on flashcards. I really think the novelty of AR, in this case, will help capture kids’ attention and get them primed to learn.”

Educational Weaknesses

  • Running apps on phones and tablets can drain the battery.

  • The flash cards will not work if they flash cards are printed in black and white. The cards must be printed with color ink.

  • The application will not work with phones/tablets that do not have a camera.

  • Limited learning material- at this time there are only the 26 letter cards available with animals/dinosaurs and the 10 space flash cards.

  • Kids must have access to more advanced technology, many children do not have parents with smart phones or tablets or may not have access to a printer.

  • If this is used in a school setting it would use a lot of color ink to download/print several sets of flash cards. Kids would probably have to work in groups to use the app.

Get The AR Flash Card App

Available as an Android App on Google Play and the App Store