Sign of the Beaver

Nathaniel Rondinelli, HLA7, March 23, 2015

Sign of the Beaver

Sign of the Beaver is a book written by Elizabeth Speare.


Matt is a twelve year old boy, who is anxious to become a man. He is a hard worker and has to take care of the land while his father is gone.


Attean is an indian boy, who longs to become a hunter like his grandfather, Saknis. He is already a skilled trapper. He befriends Matt.


Saknis is the chief of the Beaver Clan, and indian tribe. He is very wise and an extremely skilled hunter. He is the grandfather of Attean.


Ben is a thief. He is welcomed into Matt's house, but when Matt falls asleep Ben steals his valuables and food.


It is 1768 in the wilderness of Maine Territory. Matt and his dad cleared the land and have just finished their cozy spruce log home.


Matts Dad is going back to Quincy to get his wife and daughter, and bring them to their cozy cabin in the wilderness of Maine Territory. Matt must live alone until his father returns. Matt is doing well, tending to the crops and cooking for himself. One day a man comes along and says his name is Ben. Matt invites him inside because he feels sorry for him, and even lets him sleep there. When Matt wakes up, Ben and his father's rifle are both gone! Now Matt didn't have and means to hunt. Not many days later Matt decides that a bit of honey with his fish would taste mighty fine, so he climbs a tree and tries to snag some honey from a bee hive. When he got close the bees when nuts and stung him everywhere! When he woke up he was at his cabin. A man named Saknis and his grandson, Attean, had saved him from the bees. Saknis is the leader of the Indian tribe called the Beaver Clan. Saknis and Matt make a deal where Attean will bring Matt food if he teaches Attean to read. Sometimes the boys go out and hunt together, and eventually they become friends. Matt becomes a skilled hunter, and Attean learns to read. When Fall comes Attean and Saknis ask Matt to join the Beaver Clan and move north for new hunting grounds. Matt finally earns Attean's respect by staying and waiting for his family. Not long after Matt's father returns and the family is reunited.

About The Newbery Award

It is awarded every year. It was named after John Newbery. It is the most well known out of all children book awards. Some people think it is bias toward the fiction genera. To win the award you must be a citizen or resident of the United States. The Newbery Honor Book award is giving to other books that were almost chosen for the award

About The Author

Elizabeth Speare was born on November 21, 1908 in Massachusetts. She Died on November 15, 1994. She was Married to Alden Speare. She worked as a writer who wrote Children's Historical Fiction books. She won two Newbery medals and a Newbery Honor award. She has been referred to as one of America's top one hundred most popular writers for children.

My Thoughts

I thought Sign Of The Beaver was a great book and was easy to understand. It fits all requirements for the Newbery award. I think it is award worthy, and would recommend it to anyone who would like an adventure story.