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First, our inspiring olympic stadium stands in the center of the London Eye way. This firey red cube has six bright walls or faces, and its eight sharp points or in other words a verticie. Now their are twelve edges that hold this shape together to keep it strong. Next in the center of attention is Big Ben,this rectangular prisim has six gold faces, and eight vertacies .Twelve edges help this land mark stay put on Big Ben lane. Now we are talking about the wonderful bridge. This Bridge is home for many activities, some people even like to find how many faces, vertacies, and edges. Studys say that their are three faces, no vertacies, and two edges that help this bridge up on Orange street. Finally, the office is held in the back on Main lane.The office has four sturdy faces that are all triangles.This also has four vertacies that point their angles sharp and sturdy. This also has six edges, that have the building on top of the rest. Again their is a sphere standing on the water tower that has one face, one vertacie, and an edge. There is a sphere or in other words a ball that has only one face. Those are all of our wonderful attractions!Hope you want to come visit our awesome city.

Our awesome 2-D shapes!

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You will love all the fun actavites this city brings! We believe this is a great place to go on vacation with the entire family. plan your next trip to london for a free plane ticket to London.

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Our streets!

We have a set of paralell lanes these will never touch each other, These streets are Big Ben parkway, and Double decker drive.If you keep waking throught the wonderful streets of London, you wi find two right angles in our streets, Double decker drive, and Orange street. In the middle of oraange street, is Big Ben parkway these streets form a right angle. If you walk auround the Olympic staduim you will find the Olympic Road that makes an intersecting street. Another intesecting road isMain Lane and London eye way,keep walking to find big ben those are perpendicular lines.