Motivation Monday


Leading with Reasons Why!

Happy Monday!!! Hope this past week was outstanding, but if “outstanding” isn't the adjective you’d pick to describe the past 7 days, let’s work towards making this week one that is!

So I have to say, I was really excited and energized by the number of people who responded so positively to last week’s topic of GOALS! Strive to be mindful of those goals. Post them in your bathroom or in your car or set an alarm on your phone to alert you of what you’re aiming for—it’s amazing how those reminders can help keep you on track.

For this week, let’s discuss excuses. When talking to people, I often get the laundry list of explanations that summarize why they’re not hitting their goals. Why they can’t make it to the gym or find a chunk of time in their day to exercise. Why they don’t have enough time to learn new recipes or cook at home. Why they have to delay even the slightest change because next month they have a wedding, the following week they have a work event and then there is no possible way they could be in a room full of Aunt Betty's appetizers and cheese plates and favor the veggie platter! The list goes on and on and on. And let’s face it, we all do it. However, here’s something worth sharing: if you read through your list of excuses, you will surely realize that you will probably never hit your goals. Excuses can be way easier to swallow than change, but a major roadblock to your success.

Heck, my husband, two kids and I moved in with my parents this past July. Talk about a lot of change! During the initial weeks we spent getting settled, my thoughts were largely consumed by my lack of comfort with the change. How would I survive being so far from my daughter’s school? How many hours would I log in traffic? How were we going to stay connected to all our friends? I complained about the long drive to school and being so far from our social network, and by doing so, I spent too little time soaking up the reasons why this move (this temporary move) was such a blessing.

Rather than drowning in my silly excuses for why I worried, I began to tally all the many reasons why the change was good. And you know what!? The list was long and now, we may never leave. (Joking, Mom and Dad!) But in all seriousness, it took a mindset shift.

So when it comes to the goals you design for your health, the same mindset shift can happen for you. Instead of the list of excuses, begin with the list of REASONS WHY you should make a change. And I'm serious: make a list! Do you want to lose inches around your waistline? Do you want to ditch the sleep meds and enjoy a restful night’s rest…on the regular? Would you like clearer skin? Does greater confidence seem appealing? What about energy--want more of that? Need to lower your cholesterol? Would you like to feel stronger? Have you always wanted to scratch a marathon…OK half-marathon…I mean 5K off your bucket-list?

These are all fantastic reasons why many of us, if not all of us, could benefit from ditching the excuses and embracing change (even with baby steps!)

You can do it. Enjoy the mind shift and talk to you next week!

In good health and much gratitude,


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