Why to move to the west

By:William Jaimes

1 reason why they moved west

1 reason why people moved west is because like farmers wanted to have more land to start their life but they needed shelter but if they move west they can start a farm with food and animals so if you want more space to roam you want to move west for shelter and food from farms.

Reasons to move to the west

1. There more land and less laws to have and you can trade.

2. Also they travel over there to claim land since it was so crowded.

3. Next it has more nice soil if you were a farmer to plant and its richer and good.

4. Lastly you would go there because it is easier to settle down at the west.

Why should we move west Even if we have all of this?

If you don't want to move their because it is a long journey well if this helps encourage you to go there. People on the east have unfair life with less food and crowded land but when you go to the west it's easier to claim land. The thing is that neighbors usually live far away from each other but you can get a good job and shelter to especially survive the winter. The thing is it wasn't easy to claim land yet it's easier but the catch is you have to work a farm for 5 years to have a big and good land.

Made By: William Jaimes