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Assistive Technologies

This website is helpful because it reviews and links to 25 different assistive technologies that allows teachers and parents to research and evaluate tools for use by disabled students and children at home and in the classroom. Although "assistive technology does not claim to remedy every disability ... it can notably aid individuals with disabilities to participate more than they could without any aides" (wikibooks Assistive Technology in Education: A Critical Analysis of the Highs and the Lows (2009).

Myth: One Size Fits All

The value of the information provided is that it informs decisions in selecting the best fit for each individual child. As a teacher, I would use this particular site to customize an to stay informed about assistive technology strategies for each students, using it as a resource to make recommendations to parents and the school. According to Assistive Technology in Education, "suiting assisted technology to the student is a very personal and individual experience" (p. 2).

Video Case Studies

On her site, Lisa includes videos of how assistive technology is shaping and improving the lives of children with disabilities. Watch Leo Des Roches using his iPad to learn.

2010 Year of the iPad - Focus on Autism
Assistive Tech Starter Kit

Free Assistive Tech Tools Make Learning Accessible to All

Lisa has at least one hundred free assistive technology tools and apps available to aid all learners. Click on the link to get started.


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