Karley Smith(:

Personality Profile..

All about meee (:

~ Erik is my broskiee.

~ Once, I rode a camel.

~ 13 years old.

~ One of my bestfriends is Ethann.

~ I survived 2012.

Personalityy .-.

55% introvert & 45% extrovert.

  • Im attentive and cautious.
  • Im a leader.
  • I know how to organize the groups of persons & give them my energy.
  • I think before acting.

36% is im attached to moral values & feelings. I have an emotional relation to the enviroment.

33% I am focused on facts & on the reality.

Finally, 30%.. I am centered on my thoughts & my actions are determined by my knowledge & also my experiance.

  • Im thoughtful.
  • I give good support to people.
  • Capable to listen to others.
  • Im intelligent.
  • Inquire before talking or doing actions.
  • Im very creative.
  • I know how to see beauty & inspiration comes from the inside(: