Celebrating Fifty Years of Excellence - September 4, 2015

Just when I thought I had a stressful job...

This morning, a father to one of our third-graders was granted leave this weekend while being deployed for the past three months and he returns Tuesday. He asked if he could surprise his son this morning and Ms. Reeves captured the moment. Watching this makes me appreciate the service and sacrifice our military families face while protecting our freedoms. Enjoy...
Military Dad Returns Home


Great picture to start the school year. Let's remember these fun times when we are having a tough day. Mountain Park Elementary - the best place to work in Gwinnett County!
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Picture Day is September 10 in the Cafeteria (Grab and Go Breakfast)

We are increasing the number of cameras in order to reduce the amount of lost instructional time. The schedule is below. Second grade will begin at 8:00 AM.

An announcement will be made at 10:00 AM to send any late students to the cafeteria if they did not get their pictures taken.

The photo vendor said they only need 30 minutes per class. However, if it takes more time, we may have to make some quick adjustments. Thanks for understanding.

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Mid-term Progress Communication with Parents

As the district attempts to go on-line with most communication, we are doing the same. Next week, please add information to your Friday Folders reminding parents to check their child's academic progress online. However, for students failing or struggling at this point, please print out a report to send home in the Friday Folder and remind parents of upcoming conferences. We must document communication with parents for students not being academically succesful. Thanks.

Consistency in our School-wide Behavior Plan

Our monthly discipline report for August was outstanding! Your classroom management strategies plus a high level of student engagement is paying off.

Please continue this momentum by adhering to our school-wide behavior plan so students know the expected behavior in your classroom. If called to remove a student on a 1, the student should be able to communicate prior behaviors that resulted in being removed from class. This common practice will also help each year as students transition to the next grade level. Thanks.

BYOD Forms Back By Popular Demand...

Although many of our students have devices they may use at school, there are families without internet access at home. The BYOD forms will be available outside of Ms. Bridges' office for students to pick up and have parents sign and return to her so students can be granted access while at school.

Parkview Cluster Grant Application Open until October 1st

The Parkview Cluster Foundation is excited to once again offer grant awards to the cluster teachers. That means MPES teachers may submit an application for academic support needs. The application can be found on the Parkview Cluster Foundation website at:

The deadline for application submission is Thursday, October 1st.

Grant recipients will be announced at the end of October and grants will be promptly distributed shortly thereafter.

Please consider applying for any needs or wants you may have.

Also, remember that there is a $5000 matching grant for faculty and staff monthly contributions. Every dollar you contribute throughout the year per a payroll deduction will be matched up to $5000.

To give through a payroll deduction, follow these directions:

1. Go to the Employee Portal

2. click on About Me

3. click on GCPS Foundation

4. click on Make a Donation

5. Enter Donation Amount and Donation Option

6. SELECT Parkview Cluster Fund !

7. Submit

No donation is considered small; it is our participation that is most important!

September ShareWin Contest

September ShareWin Contest will be all about Widgets inside the eCLASS C & I tool.

This month teachers can submit as a discussion post in the self-directed training course a screen shot along with a description of a custom widget they have created OR an idea you have for a widget.

This submission makes you eligible for the drawing to win a tablet for your classroom at the end of the month. We will also be selecting and highlighting other submissions. Please share your expertise with others.


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