By: Sierra, Chloe, Kelsey, Elizabeth, Lexi

About Anorexia

-anorexia is a disease where your mind takes over your body causing you to think you are fat

-fear of gaining weight

-isn't about food or weight- starts from being lonely, having depression and being pressured to be perfect

How Anorexia Effects Your LIfe

-can get depression/anxiety

-can make you really weak

-damages health

-threatens life

-body is forced to slow down all of its process to conserve energy

-slow heart rate and low blood pressure

-risk of heart failure

-muscle loss and weakness


-dry hair/skin

Healthy Dieting vs Anorexia

healthy: a attempt to control body weight

anorexia: a attempt to control to your life and emotions

healthy: self-esteem is based on more then just weight and body image

anorexia: self-esteem based on how much you weigh and how thin you are

healthy: weight loss= a way to improve health appearance

anorexia: view weight loss as a way to achieve happiness

healthy: goal is to lose weight in healthy way

anorexia: becoming thin is all that matters health is not a concern

fun facts!!!!!!


-refusal to maintain a healthy body weight

-intense fear of gaining weight

-a distorted body image

you have unrealistic self-critcal thoughts on body image