Slaughter is the best medicine


Slaughterhouse-five is about Billy Pilgrim, an optometrist, world war ll veteran, and more importantly a time traveler. You will follow billy as he travels time re-living his life over and over again. Going through Germany, Europe he will witness his life again. All while being hunted by other prisoners of war and Trafalmadorians, a superior alien race out to find billy and extract his DNA. This story will take you across the world and back in a few pages.

Why would this be banned?!?


Well, this book was banned from many schools in america due to its illicit sexual content, strong profane language, homosexual/bisexual characters and apparently an overall irrelevant tone. Most importantly this book was banned because people do not agree with the moral or they feel that it teaches the way of evil, translating this into actual reasoning, they banned it because it did not teach the way of the bible. "Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five and Sarah Ockler’s young adult novel Twenty Boy Summer have been banned from a Missouri high school curriculum and library after a local resident complained that they teach principles contrary to the Bible."

excerpt from american libraries.

Should this book have been banned?

Absolutely not! No book deserves to be banned, nor should it be. Schools across america banned this book because, the number one reason, of supposedly Anti-christian teaching. Well, a few thoughts on that, people take religion way to far. My theory behind this is based on the christian religion, if anything speaks of the devil its evil or if a book speaks of gays its teaching people to follow Satan. People are just plain out stupid.

You can't ban life, so why ban one mans representation?