Pandora's Curiousity

(Diana K., MeiRose J.)

Pandora's curiosity :)

Pandora was made by Hephaestus. She was made out of white marble for her body, red rubies for lips, and sparkling sapphires for her eyes. She was dressed in beautiful clothes. As a gift Zeus gave her the power of insatiable curiosity. She got married to Epimetheus. She got of a box on her wedding day from Zeus. Once she got it she was told to never open it. So at first she put the golden bow on her table and polished it daily. But then she hid it in a dusty hidden storeroom. She found her self constantly walking around it, stopping by it, and sometimes she would go in and hold the box. But she felt that it was killing her. So she took the box locked it in a heavy wooden chest, put chains around it, dug a hole, and even put a boulder over it. She had trouble sleeping at night because she thought about the box. Then she went outside and wanted to go dig the box out. She knew it was wrong she had a voice telling "You must never open the box!". She just ignored it, and when she touched the boulder it moved away without any trouble. She took that as a sign and was even more determined, but on the inside she knew it was wrong. She opened it just a little, but right then she smelled a horrible scent, and heard voices. She closed it as soon as possible but it was too late. All the bad things known to human life were released. Such as old age, sickness, insanity, pestilence, vice, passion, greed, crime, death, theft, lies, jealousy, famine, and much more. If she hadn't opened the box none of those things would be here today. But because she did all of the bad things the gods and goddesses put in there are now free in our world.

Nightly News with Pandora ;)


Interviewer: Greeting, and welcome to the nightly news at 9. I’m here with Pandora the goddess of insatiable curiosity

Pandora: Hello and thank you for inviting me to your show.

Interviewer: Now can you tell me a little bit about your adventures and your past?

Pandora: Sure, well I will start with my past. I was carved from earth/clay by Hephaestus. The gods and goddesses that helped create me personality were Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Hermes, the three Graces, and Zeus who gave me the curiosity. With that I really wanted to open that box.

Interviewer: But you knew you couldn’t, right. Did you ignore your thoughts telling you don’t do it? Or maybe you just didn’t care, but why didn’t you listen to Zeus?

Pandora: Well Zeus gave me insatiable curiosity so I really wanted to open it. When I was getting closer I just forgot about all the stuff that was said to me and how people didn’t want me to open it. Once I held it I felt like a little girl steal cookies, because I knew it was wrong deep inside but I really wanted to do it.

Interviewer: Do you ever think back to that moment and say what else could I have done to stop myself for doing that. Or did you ever think, what if I never opened the box, what would have happened?

Pandora: Well I do and I think that I tried my best and that if I protected it more I would have opened it earlier. I know for sure that the world would be much different without me opening the box there would be less deaths and less harmful things.

Interviewer: Now if your husband, Zeus, and all the other gods and goddess were to tell you don’t open the box would you?

Pandora: Well that would make my curiosity go up even higher I would be so tempted to go and see it, to open it, or even just to touch it.

Interviewer: You don’t think that would stop you, why?

Pandora: Well they just put more presure on me they would tell me not too and I would want to open it even more.

Interviewer: If you knew that this would happen if you open it would you still open it, or would you not open it?

Pandora: I wouldn’t because if I knew it could hurt so many people. But I think it was part Zeus’s fault for giving me curiosity.

Interviewer: Okay well lets move on, do you have a symbol?

Pandora: No I have no symbol.

Interviewer: Thank you for coming and telling us about you.

Pandora: Well thank you for inviting me good bye.

Comparing Pandora to Justin Bieber ;)

PANDORA: Was beautiful, had insatiable curiosity, was made of earth/clay/white marble, rubies lips, sparkling sapphire eyes, is married, had challenges.

JUSTIN BIEBER: Handsome, singer, talented, bad past, broken heart, blond, Canadien, famous, had challenges.

Justin and Pandora are both famous. Both beautiful/handsome. Both went through trouble/hard times.

Their differences and she was made from clay/earth/white marble and other material. Justin is a singer and has a talent. Justin had rumars said about him that might not be true.