Andrew Jackson Kills the Bank

Andrew Jackson vetos the 2nd national bank hero or zero?

In this short flyerI will talk about...

-How Jackson killed the bank. -As well as If he was a Hero or Zero
-How Jackson felt about the bank.
-Listing some of Jackson's other policies.
-How others see what Jackson did.
When Jackson was president he wanted to make it easier for the "common man" so what he did was get rid of the National Bank. Because he would get more votes and it would make life easier after presidency because he would not have to pay taxes. He was so contempt with getting rid of it when he was seriously ill he declared, " I will kill the Bank!" Which he later did accomplished which it was his big feet. I would say this is a zero. PS i will keep a tab of how many zeros or hero there are at the end.

Pictures for the other stand points

Youtube video

in this video it tells as to why Jackson decided to get rid of the National bank.