Sexual Harassment

- a form of violence

The definition

The definition of Sexual Harassment is harassmaent (typically of a women) in a work place or other proffesional situation.

Intimidating Examples

Some intimidating examples are when people walk up to you and they start messing with your shirt and hair and keep complimenting on your body parts such as legs, face, arms, and other places. Then they start asking if you want to hang out tomorrow night as his/her house to play games or something but no they are not going to d that because they will just harass you intimidatingly.

Strategies to over come or avoid harassment

If they lay a hand on you so you just pull their hand away or run away so they don't catch you and do it again just to force to do something. To avoid sexual harassment you could tell them to stop and go tell a teacher or your parents or someone you are very close to that could help with it.