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Blessed & Grateful!

As 2015 has come to an end, I've spent the last week in reflection over the past 12 months and I am so truly grateful and humbly blessed. I'm grateful that I stayed the course, even in the difficult moments. I'm grateful that I can measure my success by the number of times I have crawled out of the pit. I'm grateful that God has brought an incredible group of people into my life who lift each other up, encourage each other with unconditional love and support, and who seek to serve others with their whole hearts.

It was an incredible year, there is no doubt about that! But when I look to 2016, I see something BIGGER! Knowing what I know now, I see that ANY ONE of YOU can achieve whatever level of success you desire for your life! It's all about you! I pray that each of you can see this opportunity and what it can do not only for your life but for the lives of those around you, those you care about, SO CLEARLY. Because it's remarkable...and it's REAL!

Lean into this with your whole heart! Have FAITH in the process. Have FAITH in your journey. Have FAITH in yourself. And have FAITH that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


This is what I SEE for 2016...Which one is yours?!

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Congratulations on your qualification, promotion and bonus!!

December Recognition--Effective January 1st

Regional Vice President Qualification

Calley Crews

OVER 1/2 Way to Region

Manda Clarke

Priscilla Ellis

Area Manager Qualification

Kate Boos

Brandee Ohlendorf

New District Managers (8% pay raise!)

Hayley Huyser

Sara Hajek

Danielle Larson

DMs in Qualification

Alyson Albasi

Malena Bryce

Sally Bryner

Erin Budmayr
Marty Burckhard

Andrea Burgess Ballhagen

Amanda Cook
Becky Duffy
Victoria Enger

Carly Feiler

Lindsey Hern

Megan Hutchens
Jillian Kempsell

Robin Leichty

Jillian Kempsell

Robin Leichty

Natalie Likness

Laura Loredo

Michelle Nordstrom

Bobbi Jo Otte

Sarah Potter

Jenna Roberts

Laura Stokely

Jenny Stoner

Buck Vergil

DM Bonus Earners

Kate Boos

Macala Hoffschneider

Meggan Gangwish

Manda Clarke

Brandee Ohlendorf

Meghan Williams

Katy Clark

Molly McConkey Vergil

Tonia Verbeck

Stephanie Knapp

Dani Erdahl

Molly Thibert

Amber Stark

Emily Tosoni

AM Bonus (extra $400)

Calley Crews

Meggan Gangwish

Stephanie Knapp

Region Bonus (extra $600)

Stephanie Knapp

Meggan Gangwish

These Rockstars promoted to the next level in their business!