Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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Resource List

Here is a sampling of resources relevant to or about breast cancer.


616.99 HIR Breast cancer: The complete guide (2008) by Yashar Hirshaut

616.99 MAY The Mayo Clinic breast cancer book (2012) by Lynn C. Hartmann et al.

616.99 ORE Breast cancer journey: The essential guide to treatment and recovery (2013) by Ruth O’Regan et al.

616.99 PER Perspectives on diseases and disorders: Breast cancer (2009) edited by Carrie Fredericks

616.99 STR Straight talk about breast cancer: From diagnosis to recovery (2007) by Suzanne W. Braddock et al.

618.19 LOV Dr. Susan Love’s breast book (2005) by Susan M. Love et al.

618.19 WIL Breasts: A natural and unnatural history (2012) by Florence Williams

618.19 STO The breast book (1996) by Miriam Stoppard



American Cancer Society


National Cancer Institute

Planned Parenthood