National Youth Administration (NYA)

June 26, 1935 to 1939

WHO and WHAT is this program intended for?

Special hardship to American youth this is what lead to the program NYA

  • This program was intended for American students and unemployed young adults from the ages 16 to 25
  • This program was intended to provide work and education which the program took two major directions: the student work program for youths in school (elementary to graduate), and out-of-school employment for the needy unemployed.
  • For example this program helped 2.1 million students find jobs in school laboratories, libraries, and playgrounds, at wages ranging from a maximum of $6 per month
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Relief, Reform, Recovery?

This program falls under all three parts of Roosevelt’s New Deal. NYA helped relieve people of stress due to money and unemployment issues from the Great Depression, reformed the youths society by providing jobs and education, and recovered production by gaining hard workers and producing more product.

Successful or Unsuccessful?

This program was successful because it emphasized skills training in defense-related industries which means it gave people work experience to help them in their jobs later on and unemployment started to wane mean that more people were finding jobs.


The National Youth Administration helped our understanding to the Great Depression by showing how bad the amount of unemployment rate and education was so they had to make a program to help people find jobs including the youth.

Does this program still exist?

No because congress refused to keep funding the program and abolished the NYA in 1943 due to the increasing amount of spending on war.
  • Should it still exist? No because today in our society it is not hard for people to find jobs and education from the age of 16 to 25. Today work and education is anywhere so it is up to you to commit to finding work and/or education.


  • It offered courses in reading, writing, and math.
  • For the youth from ages 16 to 25
  • Provided work training for youth with financial necessity.
  • Gave wages of $10 to $25 of income monthly