The Innovation of Music Radio

By: Hunter Cochran

The roots of music radio

1888: Heinrich Hertz detects and produces radio waves

1904: First radio transmission of music in Granz, Austria

1920: KDKA introduces the first regular public radio broadcasts from Pittsburgh, PA.

How it has impacted the music industry

Public music radio has made it possible for anyone with a radio to hear nearly any genre of music they want for free. Radio has shaped what people listen to also because what is on the radio is a lot of what people hear. So who ever controls what is on the air has impact on what people listen to.

Fun facts about Music Radio

1. More than 90% of people listen to the radio every week

2. A 52 week national radio commercial campaign costs the same amount as a 30 second super bowl commercial

3. A personal radio in the 1920's would cost about $150 today

4. By 1930 there were more than 100 million radio uses in the U.S.