Learn about Canada: By Neelav Kharel

Where do people live in Canada? And Why?

There aren't a lot of people who live in Canada, for it's size at least. They are in the 40's for most populous countries and don't have a city in the top 100 for most populated. This is because of the climate in Canada being extremely cold. The places that are populated will probably be next to forests or areas that trade a lot. They'll also be in southern Canada, places like Toronto and Vancouver. Those are two big cities in Canada, and they're all next to big lakes, rivers, and oceans. Toronto is ranked 48 in the world for how big the city is. All of the big cities in Canada are near natural resources allowing more people to get jobs. This is why not as many people live in poverty in Canada as places like: Bronx, Atlanta, and Monroe.

Acid Rain in the Great Lakes

Acid Rain has impacted the great lakes because of how it is making the lakes acidity go higher. This makes it harder for animals to live in this region, making the economy go down because of less fish. In the Canadian Shield, the extraction of materials has caused the land to become ruined. This is bad because it makes the land quality decrease and makes it harder to live their. The timber extraction in Canada has become too much. There are plenty of trees in Canada but there has been over extraction the past few years causing many problems in the forests. Just to get to one good tree they have to go through ten to thirty more.

Britian and France's influence on Canada

Canada's lifestyle is based off the French and British culture. This is because of how those two countries shared Canada in the 1700's. This is the cause of the Quebec Act and many other things. Quebec is one of the provinces that France took over. The British took over most of Canada, but let Quebec keep there culture and the British still ruled. This caused many other political problems, but that is a different subject.The British and French are the most important part of Canadian life and make Canada, Canada.