Birthday Brochure

bow down to Lauren

Lauren's Birthday

Lauren's Birthday

Monday, June 27th, 6pm

200 Cherry Street

Norwalk, IA


-Space shuttle STS-71 (Atlantis 14) Launches 1995

-The first democratic election in the history of guinea was held 2010

-North Korea demolishes the Nuclear Tower 2008

- The first color television was administrated in New York 1929

-Baltimore Orioles and NY Jets trademarks were registered


-The birthstones for June are the Pearl, Alexandradite, and Moonstone

-The zodiac signs for June are Gemini (May 21-June 20) and Cancer (June 21-July 22)

-The birth flower for June is the Rose

-June is National candy month

-National Iced tea month (A big deal for me)

facts for 2003

-World series champions the Florida Marlins

-Winners of the Wimbledon Serena Williams and Roger Federer

-Super Bowl 37 champs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

-US Open winner Jim Furkyk

-NCAA Basketball champions Syracuse


One of my favorite memories was when I was turning 8 years old. I had a Hula party because at the time I was really into that kind of stuff. I had so much fun because it was the party I had wanted for a long time.

Memory 2

When I was turning 5 I had a family party. All of my cousins from my moms side came over to my house. We all ate food and then we got to go to this really cool place where you got to play around and act like we were adults. It was so much fun to get to play around with all of my family.

Memory 3

When I turned 11 I had a party at a pool. All of my friends came and we swam. Then we got to eat cake and open presents. My mom also let me have them to spend the night with me.