School Counselor Update

Highland High School- October 2018

Seniors- FAFSA and College Application deadlines approaching

College applications need to be completed and submitted ASAP. Don't forget to request your transcript after you have completed your online application- use the link below or come see us.

Click the red "Request a Transcript" button at the bottom of the Counseling Department page of the school website:

FAFSA (Financial Aid) HELP

Thursday, Nov. 1st, 6:30-7:30pm

Highland High School

Need help with your students Financial Aid form?? Our Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) rep will be at HHS during Parent Teacher Conferences to help you complete your FAFSA application.

The FAFSA requires students and parents to each complete a portion.

What you need to complete your FAFSA:

-Social Security Number

-Your Alien Registration Number, if you (student) are not a US Citizen

-Your 2017 federal tax returns, W-2's and other records of income

- Banking statements and records of investments (if applicable)

-Records of untaxed income (if applicable)

-An FSA ID to sign electronically- (You can complete this that night)

- List of colleges.

Semester 2 schedules

At this time Semester 2 schedules are not complete- classes are still being balanced. Student schedules will be complete and accessible via PowerSchool in late December. Listen to daily announcements for more information.

Schedule changes will take place the first 3 days of the semester only.

Junior College and Career Appointment Recap

* Think about your future- take an interest inventory, utilize the Illinois Career Information System for future planning. (Link in your google classroom)

*Consider college- what type of school and degree program you need

*Compare colleges and plan college visits. Collect information on admission requirements.

*Do your research now so you are ready to choose senior classes.

Class of 2022 Presentation Recap

*Utilize the information in the Illinois Career System account we created in your world history classes- link in google classroom

*Start your resume- getting involved and keeping track of events you participated in.

*Work hard in class, utilize FTT and seek help as needed.

PSAT/ SAT Testing

State testing will be taking place in April. Juniors will take the SAT. Freshman and sophomores will take the PSAT- a practice SAT test. Students can create college board accounts to use Khan Academy for practice.

These accounts will be used to see and send scores later. Please keep track of username and password- we do not have access to those.

ACT testing

The ACT is important in determining the types of colleges in which a student will have the best chance for gaining admission. It is also one component of a students college application.

For testing dates, registration deadlines and more information visit

Exam information

Semester 1 final exams will take place on Dec. 19th, 20th, and 21st. Students should contact their individual teachers to determine exemptions.

Semester Exams count for 20% of a students semester grade.

Dec. 19th- Final exams periods 1, 2 and 3

Dec. 20th- Final exams periods 4 and 5

Dec. 21st- Final exams periods 6 and 7

SWIC Running Start

Current Sophomores and Juniors may participate in the SWIC Running start program next year. For more information please visit

Before entering, a Junior should have passed the following courses at HHS: English- 2 credits; Geometry-1 credit; Algebra 2- 1 credit; Health- .5 credit, Science- 2 credits, and World History- 1 credit.

A Senior should have passed everything listed above as well as US History- 1 credit; Math- 1 credit (3 total), English- 1 credit (3 total).

More information about signing up will be given out in the spring. Contact your HHS School Counselor if interested.

Registration for 2018-2019 School Year

As November comes to an end, registration for next school year begins. Counselors will be meeting with current juniors during the week of Nov. 26. Students will complete their course request form, get a parent signature and turn them in by Friday November 30th.

We will meet with current sophomores, freshman and 8th graders after the winter holiday break. More information will follow.

Mark your calendar

Nov. 1st- 2nd- Parent Teacher Conferences

Nov. 1st- Financial Aid (FAFSA) 1 on 1 help

Nov. 21-23- No School Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 26th -Nov. 30th- Class of 2020 registration

Dec. 1st- SLU1818 tuition payment due to SLU

Dec. 17th- S2 schedules handed out

Dec. 19th- 21st- Final Exams

Jan- Class of 2021, 2022 and 2023 registration

Highland HS Counselors

Last names A-He: Mrs. Amber Spaeth

Last names Hi-O: Mrs. Mary Jackson

Last names P-Z: Mrs. Carrie Lieberman