Domain 1

Boss battle & speed dating


  • Housekeeping
  • Adding a slideshow to your website
  • Sharing your digital worksheet with virtual co-op
  • Ed tech in action
  • Boss battle
  • Speed dating
  • Due for Friday


  • Separate pages for artifacts (Google forms, digital worksheet, etc) are created and placed as sub pages in the component that you chose.
  • Reflection questions - Don't worry about putting numbers for the reflection questions - a future employer won't understand what that means. Just answer the reflection questions in complete sentences. You can even section it off with a title if you want (ex. Artifact Reflection).
  • Portfolio Purpose - While this portfolio is being done for class as a semester long project, the real purpose of it is to give you a head start on having it for future jobs. With that in mind, make sure your portfolio is always being written with an anonymous audience in mind. If there is something that a future employer wouldn't understand, reword it to explain clearly. Make sure it is easy to navigate to different topics, and that it is always very professional.
  • Teacher evaluation on MyGCC - On MyGCC a page was added. I am improving my practice through reflection - it is voluntary and anonymous. You can complete this survey if you would like at the end of each week I will check the results.
  • Digital portfolio Presentation Times - Click here to see when you are presenting your digital portfolio on May 2. If you are not on the list you did not complete the survey. You can sign up for a time that has a blank spot.
  • #pretpln challenge - Connect with other pre-service Teachers and current teachers with a#pretpln Twitter challenge starting today! For more information go to - for each day you participate in the challenge you get +2 dojo points.
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Adding a slideshow to your website

  • Take screenshots of your digital worksheet
  • Weebly - drag in slideshow widget and add your screenshot images
  • Google sites - upload each screenshot to a slide in google slides, make sure the slideshow sharing settings are set to anyone with link can view (share), in google site - insert - slideshow - select your slideshow and add it.

Sharing your digital worksheet with your co-op

Ed Tech in action

  • Search for an example of #edtech in action where students are using technology incorporated into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
  • Find an example for your grade level/subject area
  • Retweet or repin to your Pinterest board
  • Get ready to share out in class what you found!

Boss Battle

  • To your guilds!
  • One person in your guild will be submitting answers on the computer in
  • Put your guild name in
  • One person in your guild can have their digital portfolio up
  • Everyone must contribute and discuss

Speed dating

Speed dating 8 am chart

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Speed dating explained

  • Sit across from one person
  • In 2 minutes 1 person will share one of the following: a. Google form, b. digital worksheet, or c. domain 1 digital portfolio pages
  • Then the other person will share for two minutes one of the following: a. Google form, b. digital worksheet, or c. domain 1 digital portfolio pages
  • Spend the last minute in this pair providing feedback to one another
  • If you are in the inner row of desks you will move one spot to your right.
  • If you are in the outer row of desks you do not move.
  • We will rotate 3 times so you can show off each of the following: a. Google form, b. digital worksheet, or c. domain 1 digital portfolio pages

Speed dating 9 am chart

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Due Friday 2/12

  • Quest 14: Component 2C/ Canva - Questions, Understanding, Explore

Exit Tweet

Tweet out a response to one of the following prompts, don't forget #educ204toi:

  • What did you learn about yourself in class today?
  • What is one takeaway from class today?
  • How does today's class relate Growth Mindset?