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A Message From Lynne

Hello friends,

I know we have asked for the last two weeks...and yet here we are asking again. As you know, Jennifer and I went to Harlan and Hazard last week. It was super tough to meet so many great dogs and not be able to bring them all home. There are some kids we met who we are madly in love with...and are still waiting for safe haven. We are really, really hoping some folks out there can help us bring these kids home to find them their own place called home. Please help them, you'll be helping Jennifer and I at the same time.

If you can help please email us at Please help us spread the word by forwarding to your friends or family or by sharing the Fosters Needed album on Facebook at The best way for new people to get involved is to hear about how they can help from someone they know.

Please look at these sweet faces and let us know if you can give one another chance.



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Gavin & Glory

These two pups are goofy and sweet. They started out a bit bashful but Gavin spent a few minutes getting loved up in Jennifer's lap and realized it was where he wanted to be. He did not see any reason to let his sister Glory have a turn! The two of them are happy and friendly kids. They are close to four months and Gavin weighs about 18 pounds, Glory about 20 - 22 pounds.
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Someone will call you shortly after to discuss the details of fostering!