May 2-Get Whitt It!

NEW!! Wolf Howl tomorrow and change in seating arrangements!

We will NOT be putting out chairs tomorrow for visitors. With our 675 Wolves, we just don't have the space to accommodate rows of parents sitting and have all our kids FIT as we have in the past. If they wanna hang, they're going to have to stand! We'll mark tomorrow where the students' lines "end" but this is our plan moving forward. This does include teachers, but hopefully, you're in jeans and a Whitt wolf shirt so you can handle it too! **subject to change based on how this looks in the am!**

We do want Mr. and Mrs. Whitt in a chair so if you see them, make sure we have chairs for them!

WWE tomorrow! Don't pack a lunch!

Carpet Conversations

  • Personal items need to be taken home. Any big items that you choose not to take home, you need to find an alternative location (TBD later) and get them moved. The district team will not be responsible for moving anything (nor do we want them to!) so please make plans to get them moved!
  • Boxes will be provided. (but probably not as many as you need, so you may start collecting now!)
  • Kinder can use middle rooms to store items.
  • Please leave a place on your counter for all "tech stuff" like your projectors to be stored/kept.
  • File cabinets can be full, but very clearly labeled.
  • Desks will stay in the room, they'll work around them.
  • Teacher desks need to be emptied.
  • All items need to be BOXED with your name and NEW room #.
  • We can store items in the gym, on the stage, in the workroom, etc. The potential for disaster is high if you don't clearly label. :)
  • They will be here evaluating and working with copiers/technology on May 24th, so by that Friday the 24th, close of business, we need to all (including the office staff!!) be boxed up and ready to go!


Don't let your friends miss this part of the smore! We need your Latte on Location order for teacher appreciation next week!

Deadline is Monday afternoon at 4pm!

More exciting changes...

- Mrs. McReynolds is moving to 4th grade math!

- Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Braun will be partners next year!

- We've added Mrs. Meagan Wendt as our 3rd grade Math split with Huggins and Hunter! She is currently in Lovejoy ISD but is ready to be a WOLF!

- We've now DOUBLED our male #'s! Haha! Mr. Clint Gebhardt will join the 4th grade team to teach ELA. His wife is a teacher in the district at Harrison and we're excited to steal away from Allen ISD.

AS OF 5/2, at 3:15 PM, we are all hired up!

Speaking of...

Special thanks to the crew who were a part of the interview team this week. We had some great candidates, which required thoughtful deliberations and additional time.

At one point, in an interview, we even had tears. A candidate asked why each of them called this place "home' and their responses were so genuine and heartfelt, they got teary, so then I got teary and then we just all needed a group hug.

That's not necessarily the norm y'all!

This team of teachers and support staff. These positions we get to call ours. These lives we get to impact. Never take them for granted...I am so thankful for you and can't wait for you to get spoiled like crazy next week!

Leadership Advance

We're not retreating...we're advancing!!

Give your grade levels reps a high five for representing you so well last weekend at our ADVANCE. There was fun, there was dog poo, but there was ALSO a tremendous of work completed for 19/20.

A couple of highlights?

  • WWE is going to look different next year, and we think you'll like it way better!
  • We've lost some hat wearing folks in the last few weeks, but we 've got new ones all signed up!
  • Dates for about 90% of our activities are SET!
  • Shari sleeps SO WEIRDLY!!!

We'll share more with you later!

Paras, we love you!! Thank you, Mrs. Power, for organizing a special lunch & gift , just for them this week!

Big picture

Morgan's Musings

RTI Marathon!

You should have received a calendar invite from me or Shari for this on May 8th. We couldn't quite fit them all in, so some of you were invited to meetings on 5/12.

When you come, please make sure ALL progress monitoring as been uploaded into Aware. We will be deciding whether or not to continue RTI, and this is vital in our decision-making process.

RTI Parent Invitations: Please invite parents to attend, but it is totally fine if they cannot. Stress to them it is a VERY brief meeting, and that you will be in contact with them about the decisions reached. They should have been aware all year that their child was in RTI, so this should not be the first they hear of it. :)

If a student has been referred for testing which has not occurred yet, we will still meet. Let me know if you have any other questions!

BAS Kits Next Year

These will be collected after you assess, and I will barcode them. They will have to be checked out next year. This will just help us keep track of everything! ;)


I will start collecting old ELAR materials after STAAR. Please just hang on to them until then (if you have them in your room). Thank you!


It's beginning to look a lot like May! Please watch the kiddos very closely on the playground. We are seeing a lot of physical incidents lately!

Y'all are the very best!

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Notes from Patricia & Patty

From Patty:

We need to collect keys again this year. I will not be here on May 24, but I will have zip lock bags on my desk for you to put your keys in. Just write your name and room number on the bag.

Counselor's Corner

Notes from the Nurse: EOY reminders!

Do you need to restock your first aid kit? Let me know if you need bandaids, mints, passes, etc.

This is not the ark and I am not Noah....please do not send students 2x2 to the clinic. :)

Please know that I appreciate your help in playing "triage" in the classroom! I know you are hearing a lot of complaining right now with the increase in allergy symptoms and excitement for the upcoming summer break....hang in there!!

I mean..really...

Calendar Comings

MAY (are you even kidding me right now...)

3 Wolf Howl

4 Whitt Golf Tournament

Teacher Appreciation Week, 5-10

6 GT Results start going home to parents this week

7 PTA board meeting, talent show tryouts

8 RTI Marathon ILO PLC's

9 Breakfast with moms

10 MAP EOY Window Closes


13 STAAR Math, 3-4

14 STAAR Reading, 3-4

15 PTA Volunteer luncheon

16 PTA luncheon; AT out @ESC; Day performance talent show, Senior reception, PM talent show

17 Field Day (No PACK), Senior Walk

20 3-4 Shenanigans trip, school board meeting

21 Bookworm party, K-2 readers (ice cream in the cafeteria)

22 Splash Day

23 Student celebrations, last day!

24 Badge and Key Collection

25 MP moves to Wylie!