Third Grade News

Week of October 10-14

Notes from Third Grade

  • New reading logs and math homework are coming home today. Please have your child turn them in next Friday, Oct. 21st.
  • Today is the end of the first nine weeks. Grade Cards will be sent home Friday, October 21.
  • Please be looking in the near future for information regarding parent-teacher conferences. They will be held the week of October 31-November 3. With NO SCHOOL the following Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 7 & 8).
  • As a reminder, math homework is a review of what we have already worked on at school. There are examples done and explanations to refer to. If you and your child are having questions/concerns about the work, please write on the homework or send an email so we can help clarify any information or misconceptions. There will be a check mark on the homework if it was completed and turned in on time.
  • Next week on Tuesday, October 18th and Wednesday, October 19th, Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Miller will be attending a conference. Please remember to contact the office if you have any transportation changes, as we will be away from the building.
  • As a reward for our classes for a wonderful start to third grade, we will be watching a movie on Monday, October 17th. Students may bring in a movie, G or PG, for the class to potentially watch.

What's Happening Next Week??

Language Arts

In Language Arts, we will continue to learn about story elements- character and setting and adding plot. In writing, we will continue to work on our narratives while focusing on editing and revising through the writing process.

Please make sure students are reading at least 75 minutes a week and responding in detail about what they read (one of the days).


We will be continuing to work on Module 3 (the parent letter was already sent home). We will be introducing and reinforcing the fours multiplication facts, solving word problems involving multiplication, and reading and telling the time to the nearest minute, and relating analog and digital times.

Social Studies

We will be finishing up looking at how communities change over time (transportation, community workers, schools, and toys/games).

In our Second Step, social skills program, we will be learning about accepting differences in others.

Contact Information

Mrs. Burke 614-879-7642 ext. 4222

Mrs. Hall 614-879-7642 ext. 4111

Mrs. Miller 614-879-7642 ext. 4121

Mrs. Mulchaey 614-879-7642 ext. 4123