The Basics of Blood

By: Evan Priebe

Components of Blood

Blood is dark red fluid tissue that makes life and basic functions possible in the human body. This substance can help heal internal and external injuries as well. Blood consists of 5 leters mass in the human bodie

White blood cells

Neutrophils: Immune Defenses

Eosinophils: Parasitic defenses

Basophils: Inflammatory responses

Lymphocytes: Antibody production

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A clear, yellowish liquid that makes up 55% of bloods volume

This substance caries red, white, and platelet blood cells threw out the body

This substance also caries blood clotting factors that aid in the scabbing and healing. Theis cells are called leukocytes

Plasma proteins: Transport vitamins, hormones and lipids

Serum: Plasma with fibrinogen removed

Globulin: Clotting fibrinogen

Fririnogen: Main clotting agent

Prothrombin: Reduces blood loss

Blood Production

All blood is produced in our bones by a jelly like substance called bone marrow. this is done threw a process called Haematopiesis.

Blood disease


Aplastic anemia: Bone Marrow dose not produce enough red blood cells

Malaria: Parasites inject viruses into blood stream witch attacks and destroys red blood cells.

Myeloma: Cancer of the bone marrow and blood. Lowers blood cell production and leads to anaemia, bleeding problems and infections.

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