Erin Smith

The flawed hero

Macbeth, the main character in Shakespeare's play Macbeth, is considered a flawed hero because courageous in battle and ambitious. His flaw is his ambition and hunger for power. These qualities help him gain power but they're also the reason for his downfall. Macbeth wanted power so much that he was willing to kill king Duncan and frame the kings sons in order to become king himself. His own guilt and paranoia lead him to kill other innocent people and create enemies which ultimately lead to him being killed by Macduff.

The anti-hero

The anti-hero of any story is the main character. They don't set out to challenge authority, and initially starts of blinded and brainwashed like the rest of society. Usually an event occurs that causes them see the world for what it really is, and want to expose the government or other controlling force to the rest of society. Tris Prior is the anti-hero in the book series Divergent. She, in the beginning of the series, believes the society she lives in is perfect and every faction lives together in unity. it isn't until after she joins dauntless, a faction devoted to fearless acts of bravery, that she see the world for what it really is.