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A Note About This Week

This newsletter will be brief, and I apologize for the brevity, but I did want to fill you in on a few things prior to vacation.

I want to start off by letting you all, as well as your kiddos, know that I will unfortunately not be able to be in school this week. Wednesday evening I became incredibly ill and when I thought that was all in the rearview, I ended up in quick care Friday morning with a delightful fever of 103.6 and a case of the influenza. If you have never dealt with this fun, I pray you never have to. Mandatory bed rest for a week isn't my cup of tea. Please give your kiddos extra snuggles for me and remind them hot, soapy water is their friend. Drink lots of water. Get plenty of sleep!

I will be able to access email, when I'm not snoozing, but if anything comes up that is time sensitive, please copy Cloie on any emails or just call her directly in the main office.

On a healthier note.....

We have a bit of a spirit week going on this week.

Tomorrow, Monday, kiddos are to wear orange to school.

Tuesday, kiddos are to wear yellow.

Wednesday is wear green day.

On Thursday boys are to wear blue and girls are to wear purple.

Memorial School Patriot Parents will also be collecting spare coins each day. The class that collects the most coins, earns some sort of prize...TBD.

Monday - bring pennies

Tuesday - bring nickels

Wednesday - bring dimes

Thursday - bring quarters

(please know participation is completely optional)


Apr 12th - Spring Fling

Apr 13th - Early Release - Dismissal at 1pm

April 13th - Memorial School's First Annual Night of Learning (aka Memorial Mania) - 6pm-7pm stop by to see how your child is learning literacy, math, and socio-emotional skills and strategies. It's sure to be a blast with games, tips, and takeaways for you and your family!

Apr 15th - No School

Apr 18th to 22nd - No School - April Vacation

Apr 27th - UNH Traveling Theater visits Memorial

May 11th - Spring Music Concert @ GNGMS 6pm

May 16th - Art & Spanish Night 5-7pm

In case you missed the memo from the office, current kindergarten kiddos do not have school May 19th, 20th, and 23rd as it's Kindergarten Screening for the incoming kiddos. (**just a friendly reminder :-) **)

This Week's Snack Duties:

MONDAY - Keenan

TUESDAY - Serenity


THURSDAY - Gavin's Birthday Snack

Healthiest of Vacations to you all.

<Air> Hugs,