Virtual Resume

Arshvir Mangat

Academic Smart Goal


By the end of my high school career, I want to achieve a minimum of 75% or higher grade point average in all of my subjects that I chose.


I am planning to go to a good University and I will need a good marks to get in. Always I really want to know what marks I am getting in every class and want to know that I reached that I wanted to reach. I can track my goals by asking the for mark update if my teacher won't give a update of my marks i will track my marks or goals in a little book. I will write down my marks that I will get in assignments, tests,etc. At the end i will see all the marks then I will know what's my average.


The actions I can take to achieve this goal to write more because my writing is not very good and most of the times i loose marks cause of that because my writing is very messy and the things i write is right but teacher can't understand my writing so he/she just give 1 or 2 marks if it's out of 5 sometimes even 0. My strength is that I do well in my tests, assignments but sometimes what brings me down is my weakness that is I have no confident in my work because when I do assignments I am the only on who ask so many question to the teacher but teacher says you do everything right but you don't have any confidence in your work. But now it's getting better and it's cause of the teachers who told me that be confidence what you do.


After graduating i want to go a good University and I need to get good marks in grade 11 and 12 order to achieve this goal. I want to go to University because I want to be a Chemical Engineer. If you dedicate what you want to do, there is no one who can stop you doing that. In life there is nothing that is impossible.


I plan to receive this goal by end of grade 12, 2019, June. My goal is to achieve 75% or higher average in all my subjects. In the past semesters I am getting 70% or higher but it's only grade 10. In grade 11 and 12 it's going to even more harder so i need to work and get from 70% to 80%.

Volunteering Smart Goal


By the Graduation from high School, I want to achieve 100 to 150 community hours


I can keep track of my community hours by writing it down or when I get a community hours paper from school I can record on that. At the end I will add all my hours and that's how I will know when I achieved the Goal I settled for myself.


If I want to do 100 to 150 hours and want to do in two months I will have to do 12.5 hours per week so everyday I will 2.5 hours community work. So I will have to make 2 and half to do community hours per day for 2 months straightly but not weekends. That's how I will reach my goal in 2 months. My strength is that I like to gain experience or always want to learn something new but my weakness is that I don't like to work and even if I am working and doing community hours I don't get pay.


I can achieve this goal easily because I still have two years left before graduation and this goal is important because one you need to have 40 community hours to graduate high School and if I do more community hours I will gain more experience and it's a good thing to do.


I want to achieve this by end of 2019, June because that's when I will graduate. The smaller things that can help me achieve 100 to 150 community hours is that I will have to do 2.5 hours a day to reach my goal in two months. But I have so much time to achieve I can achieve even more than 150 if i am focused.

Transitions and Changes

Arsh Grewal's Career Plan



University of Toronto (4 Yr Degree) September 2018 - April 2022
Mississauga, ON

Louis Arbour Secondary School (4 Yr of OSSD) September 2014 - June 2018
Brampton, ON

Work Experience

Walmart - Salesperson August 2018 - May 2020
Brampton, ON

- Maintained and updated to knowledge of ongoing sales/promotions.
- Helped customers with their questions and provided useful

Extra Curricular Activities

Involved in various activities for a Non-Profit Organization
July 2016 - August 2016
Achieved - Learned to work as a team

Counting On You
December 2013 - June 2015

Skills and Abilities

- Willingness to keep learning and improving
- Positive attitude and behaviour
- Fluent in English, Punjabi, and Hindi
- Able to utilize PowerPoint, and Word document

Volunteer Experience

Counselor June 2016 - July 2016
GRAS Child Development
Brampton, ON
- Developed my interpersonal skills
- Engaged in team effort


Student of the Month for two times in April 2016.


- Placed 2nd place in grade 2 for the highest grades at my prior school, Blossom Convent School in March 2008

- I received a trophy in grade 1 for getting the highest mark in the class in March 2007

Hobbies and Interests

- Following sports tournaments
- Watching sports and movies
- Reading books
- Listening to music
- In my spare time, I prefer to play soccer or cricket


Ashish Sidhu - Optician
Vision Express
Contact Number: 416-565-0577

Dr. Gaganpreet Sidhu - Director
GRAS child development and educational association
Contact Number: 289-505-6445

Chemical Engineers Challenges and Solutions

Injuries and Illnesses

There are different jobs of chemical engineers but most jobs face the most common challenge is that they have to deal with totally different forms of chemicals and plant equipment’s. This challenge can be prevented if correct methods are followed. For example, if you are not wearing safety glasses while performing experiments with chemicals, your eyes get exposed to the chemical which is very dangerous. Even you can put the lab on fire or other people life in danger because of your irresponsibility like leaving the chemicals bottle opened or while dealing with chemical if fume hood is off. Therefore, chemical engineers faces challenges with chemical and plant equipment they can avoid any injury or illness by following correct procedures.

Correct Measurments

Correct measurements are important for fixing two chemicals together. This challenge can be very challenging for Chemical engineers because they need to be very exclusive. when they are experimenting with Chemicals or mixing them to make something new because sometimes chemical engineers does not put correct amount of chemicals that need to be put in to do a experiment. if they don't put right amount of chemical that is required they can end up with an big exposure. and it can kill many of lives and those who are working in the same lab. Chemical engineers need to be very careful when they are putting chemicals together. This type of exposures or mixing wrong chemicals can be prevented if you double check the chemicals and lastly, never be in a hurry when you are in a lab.