Rohan-jae Thompson

Official Presidential Portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale

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From: Wikimedia Commons

Publish: Dec.1.14

Access: Sept. 23.15

Thomas Jefferson Impact base on the deveplement of the US government.

Thomas Jefferson had contribute to U.S. government by his performance as president divergent conception of executive power. He also is known for his hostility to strong central government and the judicial overreach of the supreme court under John Marshall that had a major impact even on the executive power. He wanted the people to understand the power of which they had which on bring forward a universal principle of self government. Thomas Jefferson set fourth a bill of particular grievance against the reigning sovereign and compressed a whole cosmology, a political philosophy and a national creed when he wrote the declaration of independent .Thomas Jefferson influence o today whether in the classroom or reality was to increase the power of the presidency and to let all men know that they are created equally.