Spending your summer bored at home?

Come to Montana!

DCISM Student Service w/Global Volunteers

Montana’s wild and rugged beauty lures travelers from across the nation, but few tourists discover the richness of its other remote and fascinating natural wonders – its Indian Nations. In the high plains just east of Glacier National Park, live members of the Blackfeet Nation, (http://www.blackfeetcountry.com/) Montana’s most populous Indian tribe with more than 15,500 enrolled members. Blackfeet Nation hosts Global Volunteers teams during June, July, and August. A service program with Global Volunteers in Montana enables you to work alongside Native peoples and learn about their culture and day-to-day life. From cooking and serving meals at an assisted living center to reading aloud to children at the Boys and Girls Club or painting bleachers at a horse racing stadium, there are many ways to share your experiences and talents with the local community.

Montana Blackfeet Indian Reservation Trip

Saturday, July 22nd, 8-10am

Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Glacier County, MT, United States


Who: You!

What: Service and cultural immersion

Why: There are so many reasons...they will be different for everyone. By the end though, you are guaranteed to have had a life-changing experience.

Program fee is $1000. Transportation will be an additional $200. All students qualify for a $50 student discount. There will be additional discounts available through the DCISM travel scholarship fund. The group size is limited to 10 students and two adult volunteers/chaperones.


July 22 - Departure from Denver for Great Falls Montana

June 22-29 Volunteerism and cultural experiences week

July 29 - Departure from Great Falls and return to Denver

Your Chaperone

Mrs. Torres teaches AP English Literature and Composition and AP English Language and Composition at DCIS at Montbello. She likes reading, sci-fi, travel, cooking, being outdoors, and being with her family. Mrs. Torres has taken DCISM students to Brazil in 2016 and will be taking students to Cuba in Fall 2017 with Mrs. Koger.
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